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My First Teacher

All stories on this web site are purely FICTIONAL. The people depicted within these stories only exist in someone's IMAGINATION. Any resemblence between anyone depicted in these stories and any real person, living or dead, is an incredible COINCIDENCE too bizarre to be believed. If you think that you or someone you know is depicted in one of these stories it's only because you're a twisted perverted little fucker who sees conspiracies and plots where none exist. You probably suspect that your own MOTHER had sex with ALIENS and COWS and stuff. Well, she didn't. It's all in your head. Now take your tranquilizers and RELAX.

He was gorgeous, sometimes I would have to leave class so I could finger myself in the bathroom, letting my fingers glide over his, seemingly by accident. Using those very fingers to finger my pussy, closing my eyes wishing he would come to see what was taking so long and then burst in on me and offer a "hand". Picking me up with his strong hands, large, well groomed, calloused from the woodworking he confessed to on the weekend. Pushing my back agaainst the stall door, tearing at my shirt with his teeth, pushing my panties aside with my fingers, guiding his hard throbbing dick into my wet, hot pussy, thrusting my hips against him, feeling him cum inside me.

Tall, brown hair with deep green eyes, a lean baskteball players frame, left over from his college years, which werent that long ago. I was turning sixteen in two weeks and thought my 34C breasts were nice for my age, long legs, longer than expected on a girl only standing 5'4", my waist was smaller than it should be with the sizr of my hips, allowing my jeans and skirts to ride low, causing me to constantly check to see if my panties were peeking out.

Lately, i started wearing skirts and dresses, leaving my low pants out of it, but allowing my smooth tan legs exposed mid thigh and down. Of course, while in his class, I always made sure that the skirt rode up, especially when he was looking.

He let us call him by his first name, and we made sure to never use it when in the halls or the door was open. School was ending that week and Mark was going to teach some summer school and I'd be starting my first job, as a counselor at a camp. I couldnt stand being away from him for so long. And my skirts kept getting shorter and shorter, my tops lower and lower.

On the last day of school, I put on a short red and black plaid skirt, barely covering my panties, knowing the school couldnt do anything on the last day. My top was white, button down, low cut and sleeveless, almost see through, showing the outline of her white lace bra. Her boots went up to her knees, hugging every inch of her legs, giving her a three inch boost, putting her at his shoulder. Half the school hadnt shown up and the other half was slowly leeking out of the doors. By lunch, I was all alone in the classroom, talking about my summr job. He was sitting on the edge of his desk, laughing at what I had just said. While sitting down, I slowly uncrossed my legs, spreading them, but not too much. "So, I get stuck in the middle of nowhere, watching kids only a couple years younger than me, with a bunch of church goers, all summer. It doesnt even pay well." He had noticed my legs and I knew he had looked, saw his eyes flick down and his adams apple bob up and down as he swallowed, I slowly crossed my legs, rubbinh my thigh onthe top of the other slightly, eyes on the desk in front of me, my long hair hdiding my face from him.

I looked back up in time to see his eyes snap up, his throat still working. He looked at me for a second and then asked why I was going if it sounded so bad. I shrugged and smiled, looking him in the eye, "well, its a good thing to do, working with others, away from home, make some new friends. maybe help some kids. it was only a few years ago that i was thirteen." i smiled again, licking my lower lip slowly.

He leaned forward, a smile on his lips, his eyes serious. "so, what are you hanging around here for?"

"i thoguht it would be nice to talk to you outside of class, without the other kids around." i shrugged, flipping my butt length hair over my shoulder, letting my fingers trail down the side of my torso, brushing against my breast.

"i have noticed your outfit, your little mannerisms today. you seem a little..." he trailed off as i raised an eyebrow, recrossing my legs, dropping a hand down to rub the top of my thigh.

"listen if i'm making you uncomfortable, i'll go." i stood to leave, halfway to the door when i "accidnetly" dropped my purse. with my back to him, i stooped to pick it up, knowing my panties were peeking out. cute little lace shorts that didnt cover my whole butt, constantly getting wedged in my crack, matching my bra. as i stood, i dropped my lip gloss and bent at the waist to pick it up, hearing a sharp intake pf breath behind me.

when i was standing straight, i felt his heat behind me, not touching, but close.

"i think, little girl, you are trying to seduce me."

i turned, looking up at him, swinging my body close to his, my breasts brushing against his chest.

"what makes you think that?" i bit my lower lip and looked at him with my most innocent eyes.

"that, before, your whole attitude today."

"well, i'm sorry if i made you uncomfortable!" i turned around, bumping into his groin with my hip, letting a quaver reach my voice, i dashed for the door and immediately felt a hot hand on my arm, pulling me towards him, i put up some resiostance as he dragged me to face him. at the last moment i gave up and slammed against his chest, crushing my breasts against him, wondering if he could feel my hard nipples throught that thin cotton button down.

i put more tears in my voice, even managing to squeeze a tear or two out, "i'm sorry. i didnt know. just let me go."

"sh, sh, no its not that. i just thought you. you." he trailed off and was fairly stiff against me, his hands on my elbows, as he slowly put a couple of inches between us. i looked up at him with his finger crooked under my chin. i bit my lower lip, looking away i whispered,

"do i look horrible in this? do i have no butt? my legs too fat? do i look like an ass? jimmy said i did, i looked like an old whore." i tried to pull away and felt his grip tighten. jimmy was an ass in one of his other classes, but everyone knew him. some drugged out loser, accused of rape once. he had been there today and tried to grab my ass, when i pushed him away. he got mean and grapbbed my hair, pulling him into a locker, he had reached for breast and squeezed, whispering nasty things. he had pushed his groin against my mound, grinding. i relaxed and when he pulled away to grab my tittie, telling me i was a dirty little slut, i rammed my knee into his crotch.

mark was glaring down at me, his grip tightening.

"what? he said that? what else?" i told him the story and leeked out another tear,though in all honesty, it had been scary. mark was getting angrier and angrier, finally he curshe dme to him, his arms around my back, "that bastard! god, i'm sorry that happened, we should go talk to the principal, get him suspended for next year." oh god, the last thing i wanted was the principal! fat old fuck.

"no! no he's right! i am ugly and fat and i never should have worn this!" "no, no, you look great. you never seemed sixteen and i always thought you were well poised for your age," his hands were on my back, rubbing the small of it, sending shivers through me. i tried to stop them, but a couple got out. i felt his arms tighten around me and i pulled back to look up at him. we stood there gazing at each other for a monet. i began to raise myself on my toes, reaching up to him with my eyes half open. he looked startled, but i rubbed my breasts against him and he brought his lips down to mine.

after what seemed hours, he began stroking his tongue against my lips, never trying to put it in, just teasing me. i began to slowly grind my hips against his, my hands around his neck, in his hair, tugging on it gently. "we cant do this here. meet me at my house, tonight."

"i didnt think youd be here." mark was standing in the doorway, his shirt off, dark hair across his chest, swirling around his nipples. his pants were half unzipped, a bulge in the front, no underwear. the look on his face was priceless, completely bewildered, as though he didnt know where he was.

"i have been thinking about you all afternoon. i wouldnt be anywhere else." he added with a smile " i live here." I walked in, pressing myself against him as i went. i had come in through the back door, and was standing in the kitchen. sparse, warm colours. i made my way into the living room, taking in the plush couches, large tv and soft carpet.

mark came up behind me, his thick arms wrapping themselves around me, i could feel him down my back, his chest, that flat hard stomach, a line of hair running down from his navel into the mess of hair barely visible above his open pants. my shirt had no back, thin spaghetti straps, below my shoulder blades, two strings met to hold the shirt in place, no bra, a deep red, contrasting my short white skirt, the heels to match. no nylons and black panties this time, shorts, lace and getting quite wet already.

i turned to face him, licking at his nipples, my hands running along his chest, reveling in the firm muscles, hard nipples, his hot cock pressed against my belly, sending warm waves through my whole body.

as he slipped his tongue in and out of my mouth, i thought i would die from it all, he didnt know it, but he was the first man i ever let stand so close to me, touch me like this. i had seen the movies, touched myself, my girl friend lisa had eaten me out in a 69 before. we had slept at her house, in her brothers old treehouse on countless blankets, rubbing each others clits, sucking on our titties. she had been so hot that night, heer soaking wet cunt filling my mouth with hot wet fluid, making me cum in her mouth. i had flipped her over and rubbed my wet almost hairless pussy, nice and trimmed, all over her nipples while wave after wave washed over me, then we had licked the juices off each other. surprised when her brother stopped by, back early from a date...

mark slipped his head down and began sucking on my nipples through my shirt, rubbing his hands on my ass, kneading my cheeks, pulling me closer to him, trying to swallow my whole tit. he nibbled on my nipple, making me shiver again. he was on his knees and slowly i felt his hand stroke down my leg, up between them, touching the soft, hot flesh of my inner thighs, gently pushing them further apart. i pulled back from his grip and made my way to the couch. he followed me, the bulge threatening to rip his pants.

he sat down next to me and i smiled at him, before climbing into his lap, my firm butt on his hard cock, poking at my crack.

i began licking his neck, under his ear, gently nibbling on his lobes, grinding my ass into him, his hand creeping up my legs, his other hand on my back, rubbing the middle of it, leaving me any memberance on how to breath.

"i've never done this before!" i gasped out as his fingers began to stroke my panties. he froze and i moaned, thrusting my hand forward, feeling his fingers touch my warm cunt. "dont stop! please, please, please dont stop... i almost did it once, and lisa and i." mark pulled back to look at ne a look of disbelief on his face

"you cant lose your virgintiy with a girl."

"no, i know, me and her were going down on each other and then her brother showed up, we were in his old tree house and, and, then, i just didnt want to. it wasnt right." i looked down at my fingers, making their way down to his open pants.

"when was this?"

"a month ago."


mark looked at me, worried, until i slipped my hand into his pants, searching for his penis, which was hard to find since i was sitting on it. i unzipped his pants, and he lifted his hips so we could pull them down, out popped an enourmous cock, red and hot. it was an inch and a half thick, almost nine inches long and there was some white fluid, sticky, on its tip. i looked up at him, "he wasnnt that big, youre like the guys in the porn movies!"

"you watch those?" he had a wry smile on his face, his fingers gently tickling my pussy, rubbing my clit, sliding the thin material soaked with my cunts juices, hot and wet, i needed him inside me.

i shifted my position to straddle himm, his cock pressed against my pussy, the head half inside me with the panties. mark pulled off my shirt, sucking on my tits the whole time, biting my nipples, his fingers creeping into my ass, rubbing the crack, making me moan and push my body down on his cock, then into his fingers, lost.

as he sucked harder and harder onto my tits, getting my pussy soaking wet, dripping onto his cock as he pulled me up by my hips, looking at me, my skirt hiked up around my waist, my breasts in front of his face, every so often he would lick at them with tongue, sending more shivers through me.

i had my hands on his hard biceps, trying to drag myself back down to his hard cock. he held me up with ease, smiling at me. i threw my head back as he leaned over and tried to kiss me, he got the point and let me fall onto his cock. he lifted my hips up a little and began pulling at my panties, my mouth on his nipples now, biting them and then licking them, sucking them, then pushing my breasts against his also naked chest. rubbing my nipples against his, loving the hair against my smoooth firm breast. all of a sudden i heard a rip and gasped as my pantied slid higher up my ass.

he had ripped them, and was fingering my clit, rubbing it hard, making me moan, gasp and thrash about on his fingers. i reached up and grabbed my breasts, fingering the nipples, pushing them together, rubbing them against my palms, and pressing them together. mark started sucking on both nipples, flicking them both with his tongue.

he slipped a finger into my slit, rubbing my puffy lips, circling my wet hole with his fingers. i moaned and started licking my nipple, letting him keep the other, his eyes locked on mine, seeming to burn, almost black withe lust. he slipped a finger in me, rubbing the walls of my cunt from the inside. i almost screamed,his finger was filling me, almost sending me into an orgasm. slowly, he began pulling his finger in and out, rubbing my clit with his thumb, my hips rocking on his finger. as my breathing sped up, he began fucking me harder and harder. right as i reached the brink of coming, he pulled his finger out and pulled my pussy above his cock, the head touching my wet cunt. he gripped the base of penis and slowly began pushing into me, then pulling out, teasing me inch by inch, i was screaming now,

"please, please! oh god, please!"

"please what?" he whispered in my ear, his head pressed against my hole.

"please, oh god, mr. parker, slam your big hard cock into me and fuck me" fuck me hard, please!?" i was gasping for air, one hand rubbing my breasts while the other reached around for his balls.

he groaned as i found them, he jerked my hand away and then put his hands on my hips and slammed me down onto his throbbing penis.

i screamed. and he held still, my cunt pulsing around him tightly, barely able to squeese with my pussy stretched around him.

"are, are you okay?" i nodded and tried to brush away my tears, smiling as he kissed my lips, rubbing my breasts gently, swabbing the inside of mouth with his tongue. as the kiss deepened, i began to feel the same heat between my legs, and my hips started moving around his cock. he moaned and started thrusting, slow strokes at first, barely moving.

it felt so amazing, this big hard cock deep inside of me, i thought i would cum just thinking about it. i wrapped my arms around his neck as i began rocking harder onto his cock, twisting my hips to the sides, pushing down as far as i could everytime he pulled me down while thrusting upwards. he had wrapped his arms under mine and placed his hands on my shoulders, pulling down, slamming that hard cock into me.

"oh, harder, harder, please, oh god, oh god!"

"agh, oh shit. yeah, fuck, you like that little girl? you like my hard cock fucking your tight little virgin pussy, making you wet, hot, soaking my lap, the couch?"

"oh, yeah, oh please, oh god, do it harder!" he had slowed down teasing me, "dont think its weird, but could you..."

"call you daddy? lisa's brother liked it too."

"hell yeah baby girl, my little tight ass bitch."

"oh fuck me" fucke me please!" he began thrusting into me deeper, one hand searching my butt. as he did, he began rubbing the wet juices from my pussy onto my ass, into the crack, between my firm cheeks, flexing as i squeezed him inside of me.

slowly he inserted the tip of my finger into my asshole, wiggling it around before pushing it in deeper, wet and slippery from my pussy.

i gasped as his finger went into me, his cock, filling my cunt, his finger stuffing my ass again and again, his tongue searching my mouth then my breasts.

"oh,oh, faster! oh god,i'm gonna cum, fuck me harder!" mark began slamming me onto his cock, impaling me with it, his breath growing harsh, his figner working madly inside my ass, i thought i was going to die, it was too much, i couldnt take it, it hurt so much and i never wanted to stop, but if i ddint, i would die, just fucken burn up and die.

"oh, oh, oh god. fuck, fuck, oh fuck yeah. oh fuck me, fuck me daddym fuck me daddy, fuck me harder, oh god daddy, oh god yes, fuck me with that big hard cock, fuck me!" he managed to rasp out,

"scream it, scream it when you cum baby."

"oh, oh, oh, oh god, ooohhhh, oh, yeah! oh, daaaaaaaaaddddddddddddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! oh god, yes! yes! yes!" i groaned the next words, "oh god, dont stop..." i ground my hips onto his jetting cock as he bit down on my shoulder, jerking against my body, i felt his hot cum fill me up, fighting its way into my pussy as my juices rushed down, onto his lap. he kept cumming and cumming and i wanted to taste it.

"let me taste it daddy,let me feel your hot sticky cum on my tits, rub it into me." mark looked at me with glazed eyes and shook his head, moaning, "i cant. i cant, oh goddamnit you feel so god, so tight,your little tight pussy feels so good." he jerked a couple more times and groaned, pulling me against him, rubbing his face on my shoulder.

we sat there for a minute, gasping for air, savouring the feeling of sweaty hot bodies, pressed against each other.

mark snorted, "baby girl, little sexy bitch, i'm still hard from your fine ass, fucking my brains out." i could feel him and a grin split my face, as i pulled away from him, he groaned and so did i, watching the cum fall out of me, all over his still hard cock.

i pulled him down onto the floor with me, laying him down,i began licking his balls, cleaning them off, then working on his shaft, licking off all his cum, and mine too.

he moaned and pulled my hips to his mouth, cleaning off my pussy with gentle swipes of his tongue. i began sucking on his head, making out with it with my tongue. he responded with his own tongue jamming into my pusssy. i started working up and down his shaft, trying to swallow the whole things, almost choking.

i slipped a hand down and began rubbing his balls, then the soft, snsitive area between them and his anus. hearing and feeling him moan into my pussy, already and hot and dripping juices onto his face. i began rubbing my cunt onto his face, wetting my finger from my own pussy, then slipping it into his ass, pushing on his prostate.

i could feel his cock twitch in my mouth, stiffen, and then he began thrusting into my mouth while i sucked all the more harder. the thick hot cum flew into my mouth, spurt after spurt while i sucked in all down, rubbing his hole with my tongue, making him shake. i kept sucking and sucking as he started going limp, getting every last drop.

mark slipped his own finger into my anus as i sat up, feeling his other hand rubbing my clit, as he stroked the inside of my cunt, rubbing my clit and fucking me in the ass, i could feel myself getting hotter and wetter, as my breathing became more and more erratic.

i came all over his face, grinding my hips into him, he rolled me over as my last few screams died out. he began licking my thighs and pussy, sucking the last bit of juice from my twat.i shuddered and sighed.

"you are amazing." mark pulled me over to him, spooning with me on the thick rug, i lifted my leg and he slipped his limp cock in between them and his knee in between mine. i fell asleep, smiling.

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