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All stories on this web site are purely FICTIONAL. The people depicted within these stories only exist in someone's IMAGINATION. Any resemblence between anyone depicted in these stories and any real person, living or dead, is an incredible COINCIDENCE too bizarre to be believed. If you think that you or someone you know is depicted in one of these stories it's only because you're a twisted perverted little fucker who sees conspiracies and plots where none exist. You probably suspect that your own MOTHER had sex with ALIENS and COWS and stuff. Well, she didn't. It's all in your head. Now take your tranquilizers and RELAX.

I met my wife in college. We'd been fucking for months before I'd found out who her mother was. She'd used a different last name. But there was no denying her heritage. Her Mom was the sole heir to some ex-Wall Street biggie who hadn't lost it all in the depression. It floored me 'cause Bonnie certainly didn't act like the other spoiled rich bitches at St. Mary's. But one visit to the "house" showed she was richer than all of them.

I wasn't so lucky. My old man had left when I was about twelve. So Mom had to slave all day at the local burger joint.

Mom wasn't so bad looking. In fact, I'd made the peephole so I could jerk off while watching her dress in the morning. She had huge titties with large protruding nipples. She always had a tan line that made them seem even larger. Her waist was a little flabby but her ass was nice and round. She kept her cunt hairs trimmed or something cause you could easily make out her cuntlips underneath. I used to steal her panties from the laundry and sniff them while I jerked off at the sight of her. Coming into her soiled panties always made for even greater loads of cum.

One night I was awakened by noises coming from my Mom's room. I thought at first that a thief had broken into the house and was attacking Mom. Instead, once I listened for a while the sounds were whimpers and not alarms. So, I moved over to the peephole to investigate. At first, I couldn't see much; there was something right in front of the hole. Then the object shifted and I could see that the light was on in the room. I could also see Mom's cunt right above the peephole and ramming in and out of it was the biggest dick I's ever seen. Even bigger than Coach Hayes's dick which we'd all seen in the showers after practice. I almost came in my pajamas so I took the bottoms off or MOm might suspect something. I watched that pole jam my Mom's cunt about ten times. Then Mom got down on her knees and that monster jammed into her mouth. I couldn't believe she took the whole thing in. I also couldn't believe the force of my jism when I came seconds later as that dick exploded gallons of cum into Mom's face. I had to wipe it off the wall clear on the other side of the room. From then on I'd stayed awake Friday and Saturday nights and learned alot about what to do and not do to make a woman scream in ecstasy.

Once I watched as Old Coach Hayes porked my Mom six times one night. The next week I was awarded the school's one and only football scholarship to state u.

To make a long story short, we had met at a dance the first week and it was instant love or lust or whatever. She was hotter than any cunt I'd known in high school. Believe me, there'd been a few. Once I'd introduced her to the fine arts I'd learned from Mom's studs we were inseparable.

Her dad thought it was great because he could go to the club and boast how his "little" girl was dating the star kicker for State U.

But Mom owned the money and Mom was not so pleased. She had tried everything to break us up. First she thought I was after the dough but I was lost in love way before I'd known about that. She could keep the money. All I wanted was her daughter's sweet cunt. Then she just decided that I wasn't good enough for her daughter. She was looking for a business merger with some society fag's queer son. Hell, He probably had never seen a cunt. So I had to be disposed of.

Mom even hired a detective to take photos of me and Bonnie going at it so she could charge me with rape or something. But I got one of the cheerleaders to take his mind off business. I think "Mom" had his balls cut off when he showed up limp-dicked and empty-handed.

So we stuck it out and got married during our second year. Which brings us to the main event of this story. And I still can't believe this happened.

Her mom knew from Bonnie that I had earned money through school working as a carpenter. (One of my mom's horny dicks got me the job. He got the sucking of his life.) So one day she called the apartment we were living in and asked if I'd come over and fix up some shelves in her closet. I figured it was her way of treating me as a servant. I knew she'd take it out on Bonnie if I didn't; so I agreed to do it.

When I arrived at the house, James the butler let me in (the servant's entrance of course.) He took me up the back way to her highness"s boudoir. I don't think even Daddy had been there in years. I found the bitch sitting in the outer room dressed in a business suit and pissed cause I'd said fifteen minutes and purposely took twenty to get there. I checked out the furniture while she reamed me for causing her to miss an important meeting. I snapped to attention though when she informed me that since I was not responsible she would oversee my work the whole time. I cursed myself for not being on time and getting rid of her. She dismissed James who scampered away like some dickless wonder.

She opened the door to the bedroom and led me to the closet. Closet hell; it was bigger than Bonnie and mine's apartment! She showed me where she wanted the shelves and then sat on the lounge just outside of the closet. She picked up a book and started to read. I started to work.

The first thing I started to do was empty the closet. Hell, there were more dresses and suits than Macy's had. As I was removing a handful of dresses I noticed a basket tucked away in a corner of the closet. As I bent down to remove it from the closet, a familiar smell caught me by surprise. Dirty panties. Mom's dirty panties and bras lay before me in a tangled heap. Imagine my shock as I felt a bulge begin to grow in the shorts I was wearing. I slipped one pair out of the basket and into my shirt pocket before putting the basket into the outer room. Mom seemed not to notice anything when I snuck a quick glance in her direction. As I began drilling the holes for the shelf supports, I sniffed the stolen panties quickly and felt the bulge grow. When I was half through with the drilling I heard Mom get up and walk past the door. I peeked around the corner to see her disappear through a door adjacent to the closet. She had gone into the bathroom.

Suddenly I felt an old urge; one I'd completely forgotten about. I switched the drill bit for the largest one in my kit and began to drill into the wall. I drilled through the first wall to where I could feel the outer wall then drilled halfway through that one. I took a screwdriver and scrapped away the plaster a little at a time. Soon I had made it to where a small hole had appeared. I put my face against the wall to see what I could see. What I saw was a mirror image of Mom bending over the tub to run her bath water. I scraped a little more and found the hole was next to a vanity and probably out of sight to Mom. Now I had an unobstructed view of that mirror image.

The old bitch began to undress as my dick began to twitch in anticipation. Now I'd never been turned onto my mother-in-law and what I saw next threw me for a loop. I'd always thought Mom to be somewhat dowdy. Not a looker but not ugly either. Those business suits are enough to kill any fantasy. But as she began to undress my image began to change.

First, off came the jacket. The blouse underneath was plain and white but showed a much larger bulge in the chest than I'd anticipated. My prick jumped to three-quarter mark. She took off her skirt and neatly folded it onto the vanity top. Her panty hose were nothing spectacular but they showed the curve of hips you could die for. The blouse came next and the bra underneath strained to hold back two huge melons. John Thomas came fully erect. There was tit bulging from all sides of that halter.

Next MOm turned to lean on the vanity and remove those panty hose. The bra was plain as could be but I was hard as a rock. I noticed as she peeled down the hose that her panties were plain white but showed a dark bush underneath and the hips they sat on were firm to say the least. She reached behind her and undid the clasp on the bra and I almost came in my pants as she revealed the darkest, largest nipples I'd ever seen. It was second nature to unzip and set JT free from his bonds. As her panties rolled from her waist I gently stroked my dick in anticipation. She turned as she slipped them off and revealed to me a firm rounded ass with two cheeks begging to be split by my rod. Mom had kept herself in great shape even though she kept it hidden behind those ugly suits.

At this point she bent over to turn off the water and flashed a vertical smile that sent my throbbing pole into huge spasms. I came so hard it splashed off the wall in front of me. I just kept coming and coming. To my surprise, my prick stayed hard even after all that.

I peeked through the hole one more time. Mom was in the tub now. Just lying there with those luscious boobs jutting out of the water like twin islands in an ocean of bubbles. As I watched she moved her hands from behind her head to the sides of those massive tits. Her palms scooped up pools of water and splashed them onto those ripe melons making the nipples stand to attention. Then her fingers played across her nipples making them protrude even further. I'd never seen ones so big and stiff. Her palms now scooped up the sides of her titties and squeezed them together. Their nipples kissed in the middle of her chest. She leaned her head forward and ran her tongue across those little knobs, then sucked the right nipple into her mouth and held it there for a few minutes. My dick was back at full attention and I ached to feel it slide between those slippery mounds.

As her lips feasted on that titflesh, I noticed one hand had let go of its mammary and was now finding its way across Mom's belly and into that fine fur patch I'd glimpsed just moments ago. Soon it was slipping back and forth across her slit and into her pussy with long slow strokes. That gave way to frantic in and out motions till Mom arched her back and lifted her cunt out of the water. As she strained to reach the spot which would give total relief, I caught a glimpse of her large clit. It looked like a small dick longing to be sucked.

Speaking of dicks, mine was once again reaching the point of no return. As I watched Mom push herself over the edge and whimper in relief, old JT exploded again with such force, I had to lean against the wall to steady myself.

When I peaked through the hole again, Mom was lying in the bubbles, eyes closed. Her one leg hung over the side of the tub, while her tits gently rose and fell creating small waves across the water. Bubbles clung to her right nipple and I wished out loud I were in their place.

I didn't notice Mom's eyes open slightly and look in my direction. But that's a story for another time and another place.

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