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by Scott

All stories on this web site are purely FICTIONAL. The people depicted within these stories only exist in someone's IMAGINATION. Any resemblence between anyone depicted in these stories and any real person, living or dead, is an incredible COINCIDENCE too bizarre to be believed. If you think that you or someone you know is depicted in one of these stories it's only because you're a twisted perverted little fucker who sees conspiracies and plots where none exist. You probably suspect that your own MOTHER had sex with ALIENS and COWS and stuff. Well, she didn't. It's all in your head. Now take your tranquilizers and RELAX.

Psylocke - hit any key to start demonstration

She hit the space bar a few times and the Reavers' computer started to output its tremendous date file. "They have been very thorough", Elizabeth thought, as details of her childhood scrolled past. Another monitor showed digitized photos of times and places she'd forgotten a long time ago. "Now where did they get those?" she wondered, whispering it aloud.

She had looked very different at the time of her first serious modelling. Her breasts were smaller then, her body tighter, her face younger. She still remembered the thoughts running around in photographer's head - being a teenage mindreader can be very educational. Elizabeth had learned to accept that as she grew older and wiser, and nowadays she never peeked really deep into other person's mind. There was never anything beautiful to be found, only guilt, hate and chaos their conscious level was never aware of. She had, of course, been taught the tricks of the trade by the undisputed master, professor Xavier, but sometimes she wondered if she really could adjust how deep she probed. Perhaps she saw everything other people had stuffed inside their heads, just refusing to know it consciously.

Sensors indicated someone at the door, but she didn't have to look at the monitor to recognize her. Dazzler, the show-off mutant with power to transform sound into light, entered the room carrying two cups of coffee.

"Found anything interesting?" she asked as she set the cups on a small table.

"No", Elizabeth said and reached for the cup. She didn't have to look at it directly, since she saw it through Alison's eyes. The multimedia show on the monitor ended and another menu appeared. She sipped her coffee and swallowed it quickly, because it was still a little bit hot.

"Have the boys returned?" she asked back.

"Not yet", Alison said and inserted the cassette into the stereo. It was U2's Rattle and Hum, one of her favorites after Tina Turner. The bass line of "Bullet" filled the air, first loud, then quieter as Alison loaded her body with music.

"It's OK, they can definitely take care of theirselves", Elizabeth said and drank again, this time ready for heat. "We survived the Inferno, defeated Reavers, even M-Squad..." - she giggled now with Alison - "they really would not let a bunch of common crooks give them any trouble, now would they?"

"Definitely", Alison answered.

"How's Rogue?"

"Still sleeping. I checked her a five minutes ago. The sedative is still effective."

"Do you think that she's going to get herself together?" Elizabeth asked.

Alison took some time before answering. They both knew what Rogue had to go through every day, probably until the end of her life. She was never able to touch anyone, since slightest physical contact caused her to suck the target's mind into her body, turn to him. It was not a beautiful sight nor a happy state of mind. She had - accidentally - taken Carol Danvers permanently inside her, and these personas hadn't gotten along very well recently. All that was needed to that was to touch her a little bit too long. She could never feel what it was like to sleep a whole night with someone she loved, naked bodies touching each other everywhere, every time. Her crimes had been notorious, yes, but the punishment had been out of every proportion.

"I... really don't know. We must hope so."

Elizabeth streched her hands and yawned. She looked at the clock and was surprised to realize that it was so late already. Her shoulders felt like she was Colossus. Alison was quick to help her teammate and stepped behind her. Elizabeth relaxed in her chair as Alison started rubbing her shoulders and neck.

"That feels nice", she complimented. Her hand reached for a key, but she stumbled and hit the key next to the one she'd intended. "Hmph", she said, pressing the right key, but the machine was already running. Another multi- media about her started to run.

"Browsing through your file?" Alison asked, running her fingertips over and over her shoulders. "Isn't it surprising how they got all that data about us. You know, my file is full of stuff I wasn't aware of myself."

Elizabeth didn't bother to stop the computer, instead she leaned back, closed her eyes and let Alison relax her completely. She breathed peace- fully, her mind wondering around. Suddenly Alison's hands stopped what they were doing, just in the middle of where they really shouldn't have done that. Elizabeth felt like a symphony had ended abruptly into sound of everyday noise.

"Don't stop", she said quickly, with her eyes shut. Alison was stunned for a second, they she started making a sound reminding Elizabeth of when her girlfriends had caught her kissing a boy when she was twelve. She saw the reason in her mind when Alison started to giggle.

Elizabeth's eyes and mouth opened wide and she reached for the keyboard. On the monitor there were sensuos photos of her - without a strand. She gasped for air with disbelief - the guy had promised to destroy those photos when she'd came over next day to tell that she'd changed her mind! How could she have been so naive and stupid then? Alison was giggling aloud now, almost falling down on the floor as Elizabeth pressed the buttons frantically, trying to make the computer stop.

"Oh god", she said when she found the right command. The picture died into blackness.

She turned around and looked at Alison, who was trying not to laugh. Her eyes were delivering a clear message, telling that if she ever told anyone about these photos, she'd be dead meat. Alison pointed her forefinger play- fully to her, showing that she'd give her the fight of her life.

"Now. How much did you see?" Elizabeth finally asked.

"Quite enough", Alison answered. "There was this picture where you were lying on the bed, eyes closed, legs open and hands on your pussy. And that other one of you doing Emmanuelle-pose in that chair, except the expression on your face was somehow more dangerous. I didn't know you had such reserves."


"Elizabeth, come on. OK, so you were young and this guy, let me guess, gave you a few drinks and you needed cash and did it? It's not such a big deal, nothing to worry about."

"Alison." Her voice contained now the anger that the shame had covered.

"Come on." Alison stepped forward and quickly turned the chair around. She placed her hands on Elizabeth's neck before she could object. "You should have seen the discos I performed in when I was young. Real ratholes with minimum pay. I had to do some posing to reach bearable standards of living, and most of it nastier than yours. Some of it a lot nastier, since I wasn't very beautiful then and no-one wanted to see my body unless it was humped by some stud. So you have nothing to complain. I was just able to remove them from my file before anyone else found them. Even all the video stuff. But at least I had the decency not use my real name, and I don't think that any- one recognized me, because I only did cameos if films and usually wore a mask when I sang onstage."

Elizabeth sensed that Alison was telling the truth. She let herself loosen again and sighed. "Now my good massage work is ruined", Alison said, feeling her muscled tensed again.

"Sorry", Elizabeth said.

"It's OK. My fault", Alison said and started to rub rougher. "Little facts of life."

"Alison?" Elizabeth asked shyly.


"Did you... I mean, did you ever... you know..."

Alison stopped. "Yes, I did. Even that. It hurt at first, but gave me double the money I would have normally earned, so I did it even though I hated it. You don't want to hear any details."

"No, not that. I mean..." Alison stopped at the middle of sentence, swallowed some air and said "nothing."

Alison's grip tightened a bit, and for a moment neither of them did anything.

"I didn't mean to read your mind", Elizabeth said quickly, in an apologizing voice. "It just sometimes happens and I do that when I am..."

"So now you know. Yes, I did lesbian scenes. And liked them more than doing it with men. But that was because it wasn't a real thing with men, they just masturbated using me. Besides pay and shame, I didn't get anything from films. It was different with women, because I sometimes enjoyed it even though the directors made us do it in a "visually pleasing" way no woman would ever enjoy in real life." Alison stressed the words "visually pleasing" in a way to mimic a fat, sweaty porn movie director.

"It is totally different with Longshot", she continued after a while. "He's my best lover ever, perhaps because he's not like the men from Earth."

"What is he like?" Elizabeth asked, now relaxed. She had begun to feel closer friendship with Alison as they now shared a secret to hide from the rest of the team.

"Well..." Alison said, trying to find a proper way to say it, "let's say he's just like his name."

Both women burst laughing, and Alison briefly described how his sexual organs functioned. She added how she'd once came to bed wearing sexy white lace, and "he hit the ceiling!" and this naughty pun caused both women laugh like maniacs while Alison stressed how it was literally true.

"OK, I believe you", Elizabeth said finally, whoahing herself. "It's not like we didn't have sexy men around here."

"Right. Who do you think is the best hunk in our team?"

"Don't ask that... I'd give my vote to Peter. I agreed once to model nude for his drawing, and shivered of excitement all the time."

"Holy!" Both girls slapped a high five. "Peter is fine and he seems to be the only one of us who still has any ideals left", Alison said, "but Longshot is my man. It's just that I wished that he didn't spend that much time with Rogue. Sometimes I suspect his loyality. Do you remember how they skated together, and everything she was wearing was from my wardrobe?"

"Do I? How could I forget? That interrupted my posing for Peter!"

"That's right. But this conversation is turning into a dangerous direction. It's not Rogue's fault that she is like that, and we shouldn't talk about her when she's not present. But after Longshot... I'd pick Alex."

"Yeah. He is soooo sexy in that black uniform!"


"Do you think that we are sexy, wearing these skintight costumes? Have you ever thought how people must be looking at us?" Elizabeth asked suddenly.

"You mean they never try to make you bend to see your tits better? Never make any comments, whistle or ask something immoral when you walk by?"

"They do it to you too?"

Alison looked down at her body. Her clothes really were tight and sexy. "Then why is it that we are wearing such costumes?"

"You know why. Loose clothes would be dangerous in a fight."

"Yeah. Right."

"And of course for the kicks."


Elizabeth noticed that Alison's nipples were now clearly visible under the garment. Alison was running her hands down her body, trying to find fat or loose places under her clothes.

"Alison?" she asked, shy again. "What is it... you know... like with a woman?

Alison stopped and looked curiously at Elizabeth. "Why do you want to know?"

"Me... for nothing. I am just curious", Elizabeth said. "You don't have to tell me if you don't want to."

"For the starters", Alison said, "I did it because I had to. There were no films for straight women, you always had to do threesomes or twosomes with another girl. Men want to see such stuff from every woman in the film, God knows why. But I admit that it wasn't bad, it was far better than with men in the front of cameras. And definitely a lot better than with those fatty directors and producers testing the girls they casted."

"But how is it like?"

"It is like foreplay that goes on and on. It isn't like sex with men that ends before you've even started. It's much more tender."

Elizabeth looked at her, puzzled. "Did you really do such things on films?"

"No", Alison said, after a while. "It was neutral in the films, not bad, not good. But I did it a couple of times in a private room with another actor. Her name was Lisa, and she was five years older than me. We had become really good friends and we used to sleep together when I had no other place to go. It felt good."

"Oh." Elizabeth said, surprised of this new aspect she'd found in her team- mate. She wasn't aware again that she'd been reading Alison's thoughts. For a moment she could feel the memory of woman's touch on her skin, lips kissing her neck and ear, fingers turning on the wet pussy.

"So now you know."

Elizabeth moved like in a dream as she stepped up and kissed Alison on her mouth. Alison's eyes were wide with surprise as Elizabeth's tongue caressed hers, probing tenderly. They held each other's bodies and Alison started licking her shoulder, neck and ear with her tongue. Elizabeth sighed with excitement and held on to Alison tighter so her legs wouldn't turn into cooked macaroni and she wouldn't fall on the floor.

"Let's do it", Alison said with passion. Elizabeth retreated on the wide chair pulling Alison with her and sat down. Alison sat on her lap facing her, her knees supporting her on the both sides of Elizabeth's body. Her breasts were close to Elizabeth's face, and she caressed them with her hands through the clothes. Alison felt her pussy moisten and her back arch as Elizabeth found her nipples and started massaging them. Alison's ass was resting on thin air, and Elizabeth moved her hands to support it. She gradually brought them closer to Alison's pussy as Alison removed all clothes from her torso, revealing her breasts for her to lick.

"Oh god", Alison moaned as she put her hands to Elizabeth's tits. Elizabeth was now licking her shiny breasts one by one, burying her face between them and pulling her closer to her. Alison's pussy was now tingling as she wanted this gorgeous creature.

After a minute of this Elizabeth stood up. She was strong enough to carry Alison, who had now wrapped her arms and legs around her. She put her down on the floor, which felt a bit cold under Alison's bare back. Alison caressed her tits as Elizabeth took off all her clothes and stood there buck naked. Alison removed her shoes and pants and reached her hand for Elizabeth. She took it and let her pull her body gently down to her.

Elizabeth was on the top, and they were kissing fiery kisses, their tongues licking each other's mouth. Alison wrapped her legs around Elizabeth's, thus securing the position. Their hot pussies were now very close, and Elizabeth placed her right hand over her ass and reached for them from behind. She found her very own, caressed it for while, then pulled her hand back and brought it between them. As her hand reached Alison's pussy they rolled sideways to give her more room to operate.

Elizabeth rubbed her pussy lips with her fingers as she licked her swollen, wet breasts. "Yes", Alison moaned as she inserted her finger inside her, examined her for a while, found her clitoris and concentrated in it. Alison arched her back and stretched her feet as far as she could to intensify to feeling. She lay on her back with her eyes closed, and Elizabeth could feel the fantasies going on inside Alison's head. She opened herself to them and became a part of them, bringing them closer together. Because she could feel what Alison felt, she was all the time able to touch her where it felt best. Alison was now pulsing colorful light into every direction as she couldn't - and didn't want to - control her body and lust.

"Oooh", she yelled as she felt the orgasm make its way through her hot body. Elizabeth closed her eyes and became one with Alison's mind, feeling the orgasm as personally as she did. Her own body, to which excitement was too much, responded by exploding into an orgasm of its own. They breathed heavily as they held tight into each other, prolonging the orgasm, feeling it, sharing it together.

As soon as the orgasm had been enjoyed into the last drop, Alison laid Eliza- beth on the floor and started eating her. First she licked her pussy lips and the insides of her thighs, then she inserted her tongue into her pussy and started moving it back and forth, casually pointing it at Elizabeth's clitoris. Elizabeth writhed in ecstacy and moaned something incomprehensible. Alison took her tongue out, lapped her wet pussy lips, then inserted it again. She repeated this several times, which almost drove Alison into frenzy. Finally, when Elizabeth's moans were so intense that they could mean only one thing, she rocked her tongue inside her. Elizabeth welded their minds together and Alison felt the same sensation as her pussy, dangling up in the air, became the transmitter of pleasure radiating from Elizabeth's massive orgasm.

They repeated this cycle several times, each time more passionately until they suddenly heard a dizzy southern voice calling for them in the hallway. They tried to reach for their clothes, but it was far too late. Rogue appeared at the door, dressed in her nightgown. Her speech cut in the middle of the sentence as she saw her teammate's nude bodies trying to cover themselves.

"Im sorry", she said. Her Rogue persona had the controls now. "I didn't mean to interrupt."

"It's our fault", Elizabeth said. "We should've done this in our private rooms."

"It's OK", Rogue said. "I mean, enjoy each other's bodies when you can", she said, not trying to hide her sadness. "I just wanted to see if everything is under control here. I'll go back to bed now."

"Rogue, don't go", Alison said. "Let's talk about this."

"There is nothing to talk about for me", Rogue said, trying to hold herself together. The glass in her hand broke into pieces, but she didn't even notice.

Alison walked to Rogue, looking like she had an idea. Before Rogue had time to do anything, Alison had raised her suit between them and suddenly kissed her through it. The fabric was thick enough so Rogue's powers didn't work. Rogue raised her hands high up in the air to avoid touching Alison with her bare hands. Alison kept her hands firmly on Rogue's ass.

The kiss wasn't very satisfying to Alison, but to Rogue it was heaven. It had been so long since she had kissed Cody and first discovered the curse of her powers. She could still remember when she had been able to touch others as a gift from Loki, and how Northstar had kissed her as they had danced. But that was years ago, and the pain had already hidden the beautiful memories.

"Yes", Rogue said as Alison pulled back after a long kiss. "How come I never thought about that?"

"Because guys think with their cocks", Elizabeth said. "This wouldn't allow them to penetrate into you. But if you don't mind us girls, we think that we could relieve you from years of pressure."

"I'd love that", Rogue said, her eyes shining brightly.

In a minute Rogue was lying naked on her bed and Elizabeth was kissing her through a piece of cloth. Elizabeth was fingering herself with one hand, transmitting the sensation to Rogue to increase her pleasure. Of course Rogue had orgasmed, since she'd been able to do it to herself with no difficulty, but it also reminded her of something she'd never feel and increased the pain afterwards. Because of her superhuman strength she had to be careful with the other girls, so she just took what they had to give.

Alison had fetched a plastic glove from the sickbay, with which she now fingered Rogue. The glove was wet and warm of Rogue's pussy juices that had waited for so long for someone. Rogue clitoris was swollen hard for the excitement. She breathed slow and hard, rubbing her ass cheeks on the sheets. It felt so good!

"Oh God Oh God Oh God Oh GOD!" Rogue screamed as she reached her first peak. Alison let her come for a moment, then she quickly helped her to reach the peak again. Rogue had been waiting for this for so long and was heaving with excitement. For the first time since her mutant powers emerged she was happy and relaxed. Carol Danvers tried to complain something about how she didn't like lesbianism, but she silenced it and shut it inside her deepest chambers.

Rogue's pussy was now a wet, hot chasm of pure passion. Alison inserted her other covered forefinger inside Rogue's tight asshole and pushed it deeper. She had to be careful, because Rogue's superhuman muscles might very well squeeze her finger into jelly. There seemed to be no danger of that now, because Rogue was so turned on, but she wanted to be sure.

Elizabeth moved down to Rogue's breasts and started licking the nipples. They were brown and looked really nice on her firm tits. Rogue yipped of excitement and then arched as she approached another climax. Alison moved her finger in circles around Rogue's clitoris. She felt how her asshole's muscles vibrated once, then again - the orgasm was coming again, this time with force. "Oh YYEEEEEEEEEESS!" Rogue screamed as she came, Alison's both fingers climaxing her, supporting her launch to orbit. Elizabeth took the orgasm to her and smiled wider than ever. Alison almost came because of the sight of these two superheroines orgasming in front of her very eyes.

"How can I ever thank you", Rogue laughed like a teenage girl afterwards. "After all this pain it was this easy, oh damn. I love you both."

Elizabeth kissed her again and got up. The boys could come any minute - "unless they've ended up into some brothel", Alison said, adding that they couldn't know what the men did when they didn't take women with them to adventure - and they didn't want them to know about this. Rogue asked if this escapade could be done again, and both women agreed. After all, Rogue had a lot of catching up to do.


In her dream Alison was running in a living corridor called Ratway whose walls were covered with pornographic photos of Alison. She was sure that if she slowed down the fat breath would catch her. As she ran deeper, the pictures got harder. They showed her with ten-year-old boys, with schafers, with whips and chains, tied upside down with her tits bleeding from several wounds. She tried to yell that she'd never been in such pictures, but the corridor ended in a mirror with a familiar face reaching for her body and laughing her head off.

"Look at yourself, star", Malice said, pronouncing "star" like a hamburger frying in grease. Alison fired a photon beam at the mirror, and as the mirror should have shattered into fragments the world around her did that instead and Malice laughed as she fell into sharp darkness.

She panicked and shot several beams around, each strong enough to severely maim a normal human being. A familiar voice called her and she jumped up. Her bedroom lights were burning and she had shot a hole in her sheet. Storm was ducking on the floor, shouting for her to stop.

"Alison, it's just a dream!" she shouted as Alison's corona cooled through the visible spectrum and faded away. Storm raised her head above Alison's bed to make sure her friend was wide awake. Alison looked around, shocked for the destruction of some of her furniture, including the mirror on the wall.

"Oh god, it felt so real", Alison sobbed. "Malice."

The name made Storm understand. After all, she'd once been subject to the powers of the evil telepath who had feasted with Alison's emotions. That time she'd won, nature's child keeping her emotions her own, but the victo- ry hadn't come too easy.

"She's gone", she soothed Alison. "It was just a dream."

Storm went to sit beside Alison and held her in her arms. Alison grabbed her like a baby, reaching for safety. "It's all right", Storm said.

"Did I wake the others?" Alison asked, ashamed of herself.

"Apparently not", Storm answered. Alison's room was situated quite far from the others, and she hadn't screamed or anything. Walls in the Reavers' base were also quite soundproof. Wolvie would've heard the sounds, of course, but he wasn't present right now. He was in Madripoor, where he had some business of his own he never talked much about.

Storm held Alison in her arms for minute, then for another when she noticed that Alison had fallen asleep again. She put her gently on the bed, held her hand for a few seconds and then put that also down. Her teammate now looked peaceful like a satisfied newborn. Storm stood up and started walking to the door, when sudden bright light coming from the window stopped her. She turned quickly on her heels, ready for fighting, but then she saw a lone character sitting on the hill, emanating the light.

"You mean me?" Storm asked, even though no-one heard her. Still, she somehow knew that Gateway had a job for her alone, destination fixed in a mysterious way she'd never understand. Storm rushed to the corridor, downstairs and out. She was wearing only her underwear, but she didn't think that she'd have time to go get her battle uniform on. Grainy sand beneath her bare feet didn't bother her at all as she ran towards the bright light.

At the very next moment she was gone, and it took her a split second to orientate again. She knew that the hill she'd been in a second ago was now dark again, illuminated only by stars above. Storm dropped like a cat a few feet on a cold, slippery floor and she realized that she was in someone's bathroom. There were no sounds audible for her keen ears at first, but then she heard footsteps closing in. She quickly decided that she'd better find out where and with whom she was before she'd reveal herself, and she decided to hide behind the shower curtain.

As she had pulled the curtain close again the door opened. Storm couldn't see through the curtains, but the sounds the person made revealed that she was a woman. When she came closer and took a bottle on the shelf Storm saw that she was a beautiful woman indeed, and she had no clothes to cover her bare white skin. She had a long brown hair and her moves gave and impression of a teenager.

When the woman started humming a simple tune, Storm realized that it was her former teammate Kitty Pryde, Shadowcat, whose mutant power was to slide her body through solid matter. She peeked through the opening to confirm this, wanting to reveal herself before Kitty sat on the toilet seat or anything. Kitty was facing away from her, rubbing something on her skin. She moaned as she caressed her tits. Storm suddenly stopped, careful not to make a sound. Kitty looked at herself in the mirror, admired her young body for a while and exited the room.

"Lockheed, what's the matter with you? I think I told you to stay out!" Storm heard Kitty say angrily. "No, I won't let you into my bathroom. Don't you dare to try that innocent look on me. Last time I left the door open you drank all my perfumes. No, don't you dare! What's the matter with you now? Get out and let me do this alone!"

Storm ran quietly to the door, opened it a bit and looked out. She had a full view to Kitty's room. Outside the window there was a brightly shining sea, the sunset coloring the sky red. Kitty was standing in the middle of her room preaching to Lockheed, who hovered five feet off the ground. The animal had sensed Storm and was trying to get to her.

"Look at me when I'm talking to you!" Kitty yelled at her pet. Lockheed had looked straight into Storm's eyes and was about to rush to meet the long-lost friend. Kitty grabbed it's neck and dragged the beast outside before it had time to fly. Storm had shut the bathroom door and tried to remain quiet as Kitty locked the door and shouted "and this time keep out" and jumped back on her bed.

Storm lay her hand on the doorknob when Kitty started moaning aloud. She heard the sounds of Kitty kissing her own arm, fallen deep in her private fantasy, and passionate whispers Kitty's lips uttered, calling for her name, praising her body, asking her to take her! "Now what am I going to do?" Storm thought and cursed the situation. Gateway must have had a reason - he always had. She decided that if she waited, it could be too late for Kitty and her. She opened the door and stepped out when Kitty was moaning something about Ororo's eyes.

Kitty was lying on her bed, her legs spread, eyes closed, and for a second Storm was able to see her virgin teenage pussy. Kitty was shaken into reality, covered her pussy and screamed. When she recognized Storm, whom she thought was dead, she stopped shouting and just stared at her.

"Kitty", Storm said peacefully, "it's all right! It's me, Ororo, and I am very much alive." Kitty hid her body as well as she could when Storm told her every- thing that had happened. When she had finished, Kitty had calmed down and looked ashamed.

"How... how much did you hear?"

"Enough to realize that you have fantasies just like everyone else", Storm said. "It is all right, I am not angry. It's great to know that someone thinks I am sexy." Storm walked closer to the bed and sat down on the edge.

"It's not what you think", Kitty snapped, "I'm not a lesbian. It's just that ever since Peter left me most of my fantasies have been about women. Especial- ly you, and sometimes of Jean. But I'm not a lesbian."

"I didn't say you were", Storm said. "Everyone has fantasies about someone of their own sex. You don't have to worry about it."

"It was much easier to fantasize about women", Kitty said. "I had so many fantasies in my head, and even when you died, the fantasies just intensified. My other memories of you faded, but the fantasies were still crisp, so I held into them. It felt good to remember you, think about you as you were. Do you remember when we first met in that cafe, when those Hellfire Club mercenaries attacked? I have admired you ever since."

Storm nodded. In their line of work they had to face the whole spectrum of mad- men, save the world and try to live normal lives at the same time. It wasn't odd to see it affect a teenage girl.

"But it's so good to see you're alive", Kitty said and hugged her just like Alison had a moment before. Storm felt Kitty's nipples touch hers through her silken shirt, and she smelled the perfumed oil Kitty had rubbed on her body. Storm kissed Kitty instinctively on her forehead, the kiss was slight and friendly. Kitty had such a beautiful hair - brown, firm and so clean. Storm closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

She felt Kitty's lips on her neck, caressing shyly her shoulders, but she didn't object. She opened her eyes and guided Kitty with gentle words, placing her other hand on Kitty's teenage breasts. Kitty giggled and placed her hands on Storm's hips. "Put them lower and it feels better", Storm said before she kissed Kitty on her lips. Kitty grabbed her ass cheeks and put her fingers inside her pants, feeling the skin under them. Storm felt that she'd become wet and whatever objections she might have had to seducing a teenage girl dissolved.

"Oh god", Kitty giggled Storm took off her shirt and threw it in the corner. Her breasts were firm and brown just like her skin, and the nipples were dark and inviting. "Kiss them", Storm said, touching Kitty's teenage nipples with her fingers. Kitty hesitated at first, but then seized the opportunity and started sucking the left nipple. "Use your tongue, too", Storm adviced her, and right away her tongue darted to circle around her nipple. "The other one, too", Storm said, wanting this girl desperately to satisfy her thirst.

"You feel so good", Kitty said and looked up at Storm's face. Her scent had attached to Storm by now, and smelling it mix with her natural scents drove Kitty wild. Storm's underpants were white and her black pussy hair was clearly visible through them. Kitty jumped on Storm and turned her on her back, and the former goddess was delighted of this turn. Kitty took the pants off and they were both naked now.

After they had been lying side by side, caressing and exploring each other's pussies with their fingers, they decided to get into some serious action. Neither of them had come yet, and Storm asked if they could do some 69. She helped Kitty into the right position and told her to start. The closeup sight and smell of Storm's black pussy drove Kitty nuts and she inserted her tongue between her pussy lips. Storm moaned and explained Kitty all the right moves. She had patience to wait until Kitty had reached the rhythm, and then shot out her own tongue to Kitty's bare pussy. Kitty shivered when she felt something soft and wet enter her, but Storm told her to keep going and she did.

The sensation caused Kitty come almost immediately, and she buried her face into Storm's hips as she was on all fours and coming into Storm's mouth. All the time Storm licked her, the insides of her thighs, lapping her pussy lips vertically all the way like a dog. Kitty regained her consciousness and went on eating Storm, who dropped her head on the pillow and enjoyed the sight. She had to fight not to go on with Kitty's wet pussy dangling a few inches above her face, but she wanted to get something for herself and she didn't want to distract Kitty, who was quickly learning the procedure. This was what the girl had wanted to do in her fantasies, and she enjoyed doing it in real life, too.

Storm was reaching her first orgasms (and the signs were that it was going to be an earthquake), when a familiar bamf exploded near the ceiling. "Here's the stuff you asked me to bring", Nightcrawler said, her eyes focused on the bag he was carrying, "I hope I remem... Lieber Gott!"

Kitty was scared the second time today as she jumped off the bed and tried to run to the bathroom door. Kurt recognized Storm, who was pulling the blanket to cover her lower body as Kitty ran past him and phased through the bathroom door. "Kitty!" he shouted, but the girl had already locked the door.

"Nice timing", Storm said with no remarkable emotions.

"Ororo! You are alive!" Kurt shouted, happily surprised. He jumped on the bed and hugged Storm, who gave her a big hug back, not caring about her exposed body. This was the man he'd met hundreds of perils with, went to the deepest hell to rescue him. This was not the time to be petty.

"What happened to you? I saw you on TV, dying in Dallas!" Kurt asked.

"It's a long story. I just say that we're alive and kicking", Storm smiled.

"Thank God! All the guilt I've been through, when I didn't fight and die with you! It was bad enough when Beyonder didn't take me to San Fransisco to fight the Sentinels with you, but this! And you're alive now!"

They hugged again, this time more intensively. Kurt couldn't help sensing the passionate, pheromone-emitting woman next to her, and he noticed his hardon when it poked into Storm's stomach. He was suddenly very embarrassed, but Storm, still aroused with Kitty's cunnilingus, just touched his lips with her forefinger and smiled. Kurt was pretty ashamed when Storm pulled his T- shirt over his head and dove for his nipples.

"I don't think that this is a good idea", Kurt moaned. "It is against my OH! religion." Storm slid his palm inside Kurt's shorts, feeling the erected organ. She moaned and kissed Kurt, probing his mouth with her tongue and giggling a single sharp sound when Kurt's sharp teeth tickled it. She made Kurt sit on the bed and pulled her pants out, revealing a modest, blue cock. His tail shivered when Storm put her other hand on his ass, taking the beginning of his tail in her palm.

"Yes", Kurt whispered when Storm's lips and warm breath touched his cock. She kissed the tip and circled it with her hot tongue, tasting Kurt's pre- ejaculate. He had never had a hardon like that in his life, it ached for a woman's touch. And Storm certainly knew how to handle a situation like this.

After a short while Storm let Kurt go and set herself lying on the bed. She opened her legs and smiled invitingly. Kurt leaped on her, they joyfully wrestled for a while and then stopped at a common signal to kiss each other passionately. "Enter me, I want you", Storm moaned. Kurt's tip touched her pussy lips, stayed there for a moment as he teased her, then entered all the way in. Storm arched her back as his rod set her on fire. Kurt started pump- ing her as she moaned and rubbed his ass with her both hands.

Kurt was in ecstacy when Storm's vaginal muscles fondled his cock. Storm was already wet, so there was no significant friction. They both breathed heavily, wanting to come and feel each other's body completely. "I'm coming" Kurt cried as her thrusts accelerated. Storm's moans had melted into one constant hum as her orgasm approached. Suddenly Kurt stopped and looked into ceiling, but right after he thrusted once, then rapidly twice and Storm felt his warm ejaculate fill her from inside. Her clitoris pulsated as Kurt's organ rubbed it, her sensitivity increased beyond limits.

Storm's fingernails made blood come out of Kurt's back as she came for fifteen seconds. Kurt didn't notice - his cock was doing post-orgasmic throbs simulated more by Storm's vaginal movement. Kurt fell on her, his body completely relaxed, and Storm caressed his hair with his hand and kissed his ear nipple. Kurt waved his tail joyfully, which made Storm laugh. As she laughed, another laugh was heard from the armchair in the corner, belonging to a certain teenage brunette. Kurt and Storm looked at Kitty, who had been sitting in that chair, watching the pair make love. They could tell by her looks that she had orgasmed with them, as she sat there, her hand caressing lazily her clearly visible, shining pussy.

They couldn't see, though, hundreds of eyes watching them from another dimension. Ending credits filled the closeup pan of Kitty's sweaty body, and the audience cheered. Their master had, once again, given them perfect entertainment.

"Just look at them!" Mojo shouted. Domo was doing his calculations without emotion (Mojo had never given him any) as he predicted the nettings of this film. "I'm their God, just like I should be! And did you say that it was a bad idea to once try an XXX-rated instead that usual dull villainbashing?"

"You were right, master", Domo said as he wrote the bottom line in the books. "This will be your greatest success ever. I suggest that you produce a lot more like these, with actor/actress combinations like..."

"NEVER!" Mojo screamed with frenzy. "I am an artist, don't you get it?" Just for the kick of it Mojo took some his disgusting personal bipedal slaves and took 50 years from their meaningless lives. "There lies the art you'll never understand - giving it all up! I could net the whole multiverse with porn movies, but it wouldn't be art! I can do something better than make some yeucky non-spineless man teleport another ugly woman into someplace where there's sex going on!"

"You're right, my master. I can see the light now."

"Don't! Don't take my light!" Mojo shrieked, and then it was all dark. "Give me back my light right now, you... traitor!"

Mojo ripped Domo to shreds, but the light was gone for good.

"Spiral?" he said, having sulked for an hour.

"Yes, my master?", the six-handed swordswoman said, awaiting orders.

"I have a job for you", Mojo said, grinning wide.


"I'll be right back", Rogue said cheerfully and left the kitchen. Logan and Alison said bye and continued eating. It was leftovers from yesterday's dinner, but when microwaved properly it still tasted good. Alison yelled Rogue some advice about how she shouldn't scare any 747 pilots, but too late - she was gone.

"Alison?" Logan said, having finished his meal. His voice was rather serious, and Alison stopped eating. She put her glass back on the table and asked "Yes?"

"I'm not blind", Logan said. "Anyone can see that something has happened to Rogue - her very body has moved differently for the last three days. It's like she's a whole new person, not herself nor Carol."

"Well, she's been quite happy with herself", Alison admitted, trying to sound as if she were an outsider. She knew very well that she was an open book to Logan, and only made things worse. "Perhaps she and Carol have somehow found peace together, and have combined into something new."

Logan shook his head. "No, it isn't Carol. I knew her for years, and I should know." He stood up and put his tableware into dish washer. "It's Rogue all right, and I think I know what has happened here. It's between you and Liz too - the way you behave with others present tells it all. And that the two of you tiptoed to Rogue's room last night and stayed there for hours with no audible sounds - I take it that you ensured your secrecy by absorbing everything?"

Alison went speechless and filled her mouth with meat loaf instead. She was very ashamed to hear this from her teammate.

"It's not that it didn't do her good", Logan said. "If it stays between you, it's your business and I will not mess with it."

"It does", Alison said. "She really enjoys it."

"I never said she didn't", Logan said. "But you girls be careful. Rogue is not the most stable person in our team, and considering Carol, whom I know for certain doesn't enjoy woman's touch, inside her head... treat her kind. Rogue might feel that she has found love, even though the only reason you're doing it is the pleasure with people you can trust. Not for love, but I'm not sure that she understands it. I wouldn't be so sure that she can handle rejection, thinking that she'll have to go back to that lonely torture. It could drive her to madness. So whatever you do..."

Alison nodded, touched by Logan's words. After all, her relationship with Rogue was a total mess. Rogue had tried to kill her when she had still been a criminal, and even when they'd been teammates, there had been problems. She had used a Rogue robot as her Danger Room opponent. What did she know about how she took all this, what kind of feelings were involved?

"And if I think that your nocturnal activities affect your battle provesses, I'll put an definite end to it. Do you understand?"

"Of course", Alison said. Logan cleared the table while she just sat there, surrounded with her own thoughts.

"So, what should we do now? Any ideas?" she finally asked.

"It's up to you", Logan answered. The wind carried the sound of Gateway's bullhorn from his nearby hill, but the light wasn't much compared with full daylight. "Looks like my cab has arrived. I have to go. I'll be back on Saturday."

He walked calmly outside, leaving Alison alone. She watched him walk towards the hill, popping his claws in and out. Suddenly Elizabeth was there in spirit, asking her how she felt. Earlier that morning Logan had told her the same as he had told Alison, making Elizabeth first blush, then think seriously.

"So, a whole day to spend", Alison said. "There is no mutant activity anywhere, no visitors from outer space or anything interesting. What shall we do?

"Come in my room", Elizabeth said. "I have something to show you."

Elizabeth left Alison's mind before she could object or ask anything. For a second Alison felt quite horny, thinking of Elizabeth's bare pussy, but then she shrug her shoulders and entered the corridor. After all, they had all decided not to let their sexual relationship affect their everyday life. They still had their responsibility to other team members, and they didn't love each other so there was no room for any emotional soap. It was fun to run away from the evil world for a moment, explore one's body, enjoy each other's touch. If they could keep it that way, no problems would arise. Or...

"Elizabeth!" she gasped when she opened the door.

The psionic mutant was lying there on her bed, totally nude, her skin still glistening with water. On top of her was a woman Alison had only met with a few times, as an enemy: a six-handed swordswoman called Spiral. Two of her hands were caressing Elizabeth's breasts, other two were keeping her pussy wide open and the last two were on her breasts, which were beautiful and firm. She had pinched her nipples with her fingers, causing them to swell and harden. They dangled beautifully as she went down on Elizabeth, licking her wet pussy softly.

Alison instinctively raised her hands to shoot Spiral with a laser beam, but Elizabeth's butterfly-like mind held her back. "It's all right!" she yelled telepathically and tried to take a half-control of Alison. During this her physical body showed no expression of struggle. Elizabeth moaned as Spiral caressed and licked her body, as if these two gorgeous women had been alone in the whole wide world.

"Cant... you see... it's all her magic..." Alison said with her last ounce of willpower. Her eyes rolled down and she fainted for the stress, falling on the floor.

"Is she all right?" Elizabeth moaned, going ahh between words. Spiral had found her clitoris and bathed it with her tongue. "Don't worry about her", she answered. She elevated her head and looked lovingly into Elizabeth, who relaxed herself and took her two uppermost hands into hers.

Spiral moved up to meet Elizabeth's lips with hers. They let their tongues play together, then took turns probing each other's mouth. Spiral put her four lowest hands around Elizabeth, who returned the favor by placing her legs around Spiral's beautiful ass. Their nipples touched each other, but then they held on to each other with such a force that their breasts almost melted together. During this they kissed with fierce lust, getting never enough of each other. Spiral bit Elizabeth's hair and growled, and the psionic woman opened their minds and brought them together.

"I want you", Spiral panted. "I've always wanted to do this to you."

Elizabeth felt shivers of pleasure running down her spine as Spiral licked her ear and gently bit it. Her pussy was on fire as she rubbed it against Spiral's lower abdomen. The taste of this alien woman's skin was so sweet, and every time she licked or kissed it she wanted more. Spiral smiled and moved into a position where their pussies met each other, and rocked her body to cause Elizabeth almost scream for sudden pleasure.

"Oh GOD!" Elizabeth yelled, greatest smile ever on her face. No-one had ever felt so good than Spiral, who was now running her thumbs on Elizabeth's nipples, circling them heavily. Spiral was facing the roof with her eyes closed as Elizabeth leaped on the chance and started licking Spiral's nice tits. Spiral placed her lowest pair of arms under Elizabeth's butt, helping her in moving her hips in the correct rhythm.

"Oh I'm coming" Spiral whispered, and Elizabeth buried her face between her luscious breasts. Spiral took some of Elizabeth's hair in her mouth, licking it all the way to the skin on her head. The sensation made Elizabeth go wild and she began to come. Spiral hadn't reached her peak yet, but when Elizabeth let her feel her orgasm she started coming almost simultaneously. When it was over, both women fell on each other, kissing and petting smoothly.

"You are wonderful", Elizabeth said, running her fingers on Spiral's long blonde hair. Spiral was now resting her head on Elizabeth's stomach, her body lying on the bed. Both women were sweating and the colour of their skin had become deeper red.

"Now look, it was no use taking a bath", Elizabeth complained. She stood up and remembered Alison, who was lying unconscious on the floor. She went to check if she was all right.

"I hope I didn't scare her", Spiral said as she approached Alison. She sat down next to Elizabeth, who was trying to awaken Alison with careful little shocks on her mind. When Elizabeth's ass rose high in the air as she put her face closer to Alison's, Spiral couldn't resist and tickled her pussy from behind. Elizabeth didn't complain, she opened her legs a bit to give her a better entry. Her pussy was still moist as she slid her fingers in it.

"Not yet", Elizabeth laughed when Spiral's caresses became more intense. They both had to fight themselves not to jump on each other to repeat what had just happened. "We must take care of Alison first."

In a minute Alison woke up to find herself naked in Elizabeth's bathtub. Warm water felt good, but not as good as hands caressing her body all over. At first she thought that she was pampered by several people, but then she opened her eyes and saw Spiral, sitting naked near the tub, to whom did all those hands belong. She realized the situation and tried to rush up, causing several litres of water to end up on the floor.

Elizabeth was sitting right in front of her on a chair, also nude. She held her forefinger up in the air, as if she was trying to warn Alison of doing something. Alison stopped and felt the warm sponge touch her pussy.

"It is all right", Elizabeth said. "You didn't give me any time to explain, so I had to do this the hard way."

"What... what are you doing? This woman here, she is..."

Spiral did something words can't describe to her pussy, causing her to stop. Alison felt her nipples grow hard for lust, and Spiral noticed this and placed her many hands on her breasts.

"Now listen", Spiral said. "I'm not with the Freedom Force now. They think that you are dead, and I'm not going to tell it to those morons. My master, whom you already know quite well, sent me here to do something to you. But I don't want to be his slave puppet any more. I met Elizabeth alone at a nearby creek, convinced her of my peaceful intentions, and you know, we talked a lot about everything and it just happened..."

Elizabeth nodded to confirm Spiral's story. Alison leaned back on the tub, surprised and confused. She paid no attention to Spiral's work as she rubbed oil on her skin and caressed her tense muscles.

"It's all right", Elizabeth said. "I probed her mind and it was the truth."

"And I admit that I enjoy this much more than fighting you", Spiral said. "Is this OK with you? Just tell me if you don't like it."

"No..." Alison started, "go on. It feels good", and closed her eyes as Spiral's motions on her pussy became more intense. Elizabeth had been holding back her passion, and fingering herself certainly didn't do. She stood up and walked next to the tub, taking Alison's left hand into hers.

"Oh yes", Alison said when Spiral inserted a finger into her shaft. The sponge was still rubbing her thighs as the finger entered her. Spiral approached her face and she didn't hesitate to kiss her. Their lips touched each other like a butterfly's shadow touches a flower, and any doubts Alison had by then were gone. She let herself feel horny and was going to be satisfied today, no matter what Wolvie thought about this.

In a minute Alison was resting against the tub when Spiral was on all fours on her, her ass close to Alison's face. She was facing Elizabeth, who was sitting on the edge of the tub, her legs spread and touching the floor, supporting herself on her hands on the edge. She lifted her pussy so that Spiral could easily lick it and caress it with her wet hands. Elizabeth was juggling her breasts, her face towards the ceiling, and now and then she took some soapy, warm water in her palm and let it run down on her breast.

Spiral's nipples were barely touching the water as her breasts dangled free. Two of her hands were caressing Elizabeth, the other two were exploring Alison's underwater pussy with a sponge and the two last ones were on her bare ass, pouring water on the cheeks quite like Elizabeth did to her tits. Alison's feet felt squiggly as Spiral caressed her, sometimes waving her fingers rapidly a few inches away from the actual pussy to cause vibrations through water. Alison giggled every time this happened.

"Lick me", Spiral said, and Alison complied. She was very curious to find out how the alien swordswoman tasted, and was delighted to discover her sweetness. She ran her tongue along the crack of her ass to tease her, and when she felt her ass shiver, she turned her attention to the pussy. The clitoris was very easy to find, and she probed and circled it with her tongue.

Elizabeth opened her eyes and looked down to see Spiral's back and Alison's happy face. She moved her hips closer to Spiral's face, arched her back and moved her feet a little bet farther from the tub. This position required some physical work from her, but the stress on her leg muscles found its way to the lower back and ass, where it felt real good. She was heaving with excitement as her hands groped her breasts harder and harder. She wanted to squeeze them until they bursted with pleasure.

Alison inserted a finger inside Spiral's pussy, then another, spreading the pussy lips wider. Her vagina was cherry red, and the clitoris had grown into a clearly visible lump. "You're so beautiful", she said, admiring the insides of her vagina.

Sprinkles of water looked like diamonds when sun hit them in Elizabeth's pussy. Spiral stopped her cunnilingus for a second, looking up at her partner's beautiful, well-formed tits. The way Elizabeth was squeezing them looked so delicious that she didn't know what to do. Alison's fingers found the right pace and Spiral had to stick her tongue back into Elizabeth to avoid screaming for joy.

"Got a spare hand?" Rogue's voice said at the doorway. Suddenly everyone opened their eyes back to reality and looked at the stripe-haired mutant.

"You'd better be more careful", she continued. "It could've been any one of the boys or some villain. Speaking of which, why is that six-handed menace eating you out, Elizabeth?"

"Come on, try using your power on me", Spiral answered. "We have seen whose persona is stronger, in case you don't remember."

"It's OK", Elizabeth snapped, "she is on her own."

"Join in", Alison said as she raised her face above the edge of the tub.

"I think that we ought to have a serious conversation about this", Rogue said and shook her head, lost in her thoughts for a while. "I mean, we can't go on taking care of our enemies like that!"

"Rog, this is an exception. We're not trying to defeat Selen like this or anything", Elizabeth said and moaned sharply when Spiral inserted her tongue inside her pussy for a second, wiggled it there for a while and pulled out. Alison did the same for her, causing her ass shiver consider- ably.

"No", Rogue said. "I'm sorry, but I'm not in the mood. Look, girls, what would the others say if they found out that we are not only lesbians but do it with our sworn enemies?"

"You didn't seem to be such a prude last night", Alison said.

"That was different. You're right that I've been left without sex for a long time, but I don't want to go too far. In fact I'm not sure about if I should do this any more. It was fun and felt great, but still... it shouldn't go this way."

"That's your decision", Elizabeth said when Rogue was to leave. "We won't force you to do anything."

"No hard feelings?" Rogue asked, looking back.

"Of course not", Alison said. "Let's keep our friendship the way it was."

They heard Rogue walk along the corridor into her room and close the door. Alison stretched out her hand and fired a minimum bolt of light, strong enough to push the door shut. Spiral continued licking Elizabeth, who was quick to regain the mood. Elizabeth started pouring water on Spiral's back, making small puddles on her spine.

"Hey, my skin will look like a raisin if I don't get to another position", Alison complained after a minute of pussy-licking. She had also lost her sensitivity to Spiral's fingers and wanted something else, preferably Elizabeth to touch her.

"I have an idea", Spiral said, raising her kisses to Eizabeth's abdomen.

The girls quickly stood up and dried theirselves. Elizabeth and Alison got on the bed, lying on their back, and kissed each other's lips and breasts. Spiral sat between their legs and told them to open their legs to give her a better entry. The heroines got their torsos closer and put their nipples together, and gave each other a passionate kiss, their lust lit up by the touch of each other's hot body.

Spiral spread her own legs, too, and started masturbating everyone with a pair of hands. Alison's tongue darted to Elizabeth's neck and ears, and while Elizabeth moaned and rubber Alison's tits with both hands Alison handled every zynaps above her shoulderline.

"This feels good", Alison said, moving back to sucking the nipple.

"I'm going to come soon", Elizabeth said, her mouth hanging wide open.

"Me too", Alison said and let the tit go. She waited for a second without knowing where to go next, but then she started sucking and licking her teammate's hairline. Elizabeth yipped with sudden pleasure, because her vaginal muscles were quickly becoming one. Spiral touched each girl's ass cheeks with her lips and teeth.

Alison was the first one to reach orgasm, and she released light at every harmless frequency. Other women kept their eyes closed, so this didn't affect them in any way. Alison cried all the way to the top, down and right after that to the top again. Spiral's fingers helped her to come three times before Elizabeth, who had decided to do it "alone" this time, reached her peak. Spiral could feel both women come on her fingers, and she tried to physically transmit the sensation through her body from one woman to another. Whether she succeeded or not she couldn't tell from the gasps and cries, but she had no reason to complain.

Alison and Elizabeth grabbed each other, almost set on fire. Alison came twice more, the last one burning every drop of her sexual energy she had. Elizabeth had only one orgasm, but it was certainly extremely satisfying. Spiral had difficulties in reaching hers, but then Elizabeth took the controls, inserted her tongue and sucked it dry. This was enough to help Spiral over the edge, and the alien swordwoman's orgasm almost caused Alison come once more by its sheer immenseness.

At that very moment, in Mojoverse, Mojo laughed and turned his face away from the silver screen. The camera focused on Spiral's sweaty legs, panned to the throbbing pussy and then zoomed out to show the expression on her face.

"She's won their confidence", Mojo giggled, looking fat and sweaty as usual.

"Master?" Domo said.


"She... broke your orders. Aren't you going to punish her, my master?"

"You don't understand anything, do you? She thinks that she's betrayed me, but only - thinks! This is real art! She thinks that they've accepted her as their peer! But no! When I created her, I knew that I'd be doing this and built into her some... adjustments! Perhaps I'll make her know that she had no place to go expect be my servant, that she'll come and kiss my hand, crying for rejection!"

"They didn't seem to reject her, my master", Domo said.

"Not yet, and that's the best part! But wait till tomorrow, when my little adjustments take place! Her sexual preferences will turn to be... somewhat unusual!"

"Of course, my master", Domo said, shrugging shoulders. What a giant kid.

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