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Practicing with Little Sister

All stories on this web site are purely FICTIONAL. The people depicted within these stories only exist in someone's IMAGINATION. Any resemblence between anyone depicted in these stories and any real person, living or dead, is an incredible COINCIDENCE too bizarre to be believed. If you think that you or someone you know is depicted in one of these stories it's only because you're a twisted perverted little fucker who sees conspiracies and plots where none exist. You probably suspect that your own MOTHER had sex with ALIENS and COWS and stuff. Well, she didn't. It's all in your head. Now take your tranquilizers and RELAX.
The title kind of says it all.
If you don't like stories about boys and girls having sex, then
skip this one. If you do, then enjoy.

This story is the result of the same wet-dream recurring several
nights in a row. It kept bugging me, until I finally wrote it
down. Of course, it has the usual Tammy-twist.


An Erotic Story

They say patience is a virtue. Well, I'm not sure about
that, but lack of it can sure get you in trouble. For example,
take the other day:

It all started at suppertime. Ginny (That's my little
sister) was in a hurry to get over to our cousin's hose, where
Mary had been setting up a "girls-only" party, for the last two
weeks. She was about to dash out immediately after supper, when
our mother stopped her.
"Ginny!" said Momma, in that no-nonsense voice of hers, that
brooked no arguments.
"Yes Momma?" sighed Ginny, knowing whatever it was would
delay her.
"Remember you promised your brother, that you'd help him
practice tonight," reminded Momma. Ever since Ginny had gotten
old enough, I had been helping her with her gymnastics class, and
she had been helping me. Now normally, Ginny liked to practice
with me, almost as much as I liked to practice with her, but
tonight she was in a hurry, which got us both into trouble.
"Do I have to?" she asked, then looked guiltily over at me.
She grinned at me, to take the sting out.
I wasn't worried that Ginny had stopped wanting to help me
practice. I knew she still did. I also knew how much she had
been looking forward to this party too. I just grinned back at
my little sister. She blushed.
"You DID promise to help him practice," reminded Momma.
In our house, only death, critical-illness, or complete
inability got in the way of keeping a promise. Ginny stopped
arguing, and turned to me.
"C'mon, Big Brother," she said, "let's go practice,"
grabbing me by the shirt-tail, and practically dragging me into
her bedroom. (We couldn't use MINE, because of the mess. Hers
at least, was fairly neat.)
Momma's voice followed us. "Don't hurry too much," she
said, "I'll be busy in here for about 15 minutes, and I want to
watch you both practice."
This information seemed to make my sister even MORE
impatient, if possible. "C'mon," she repeated, "get your clothes
off!" All the while, she was following her own advice; skinning
out of her short little dress; leaving her in bra, panties, and
"But Momma said. . .," I began.
"She'll be done in there, in 15 minutes," completed Ginny
for me. "That's not very long, so let's get started. . . Unless
you don't want to?" She looked at me inquiringly.
Ha! The day I don't want to make love to my little sister,
you'd better bury me, 'cause I'll be dead. I just won't know it.
I grabbed my half-naked little sister, and proceeded to show her
just how much I did.
Ginny has learned how to be quite a good kisser, since she
first started. For almost a full minute, we stood there, and
dueled with our tongues. By the time we finished, my prick was
hard as a rock, and was pushing against my sister's bellybutton.
"We'd better take care of this right now," said Ginny, as
she helped me struggle out of my trousers. In a minute, I had
pulled off my shirt, and was half-naked, just like she was.
"But Momma said. . .," I began again.
"She said 15 minutes," repeated Ginny, "that leaves us ten.
That's not very long, so hurry up!" All the while she was
talking, she was removing the remainder of her clothes, leaving
me looking at a very pretty little girl.
Nicely budding little titties, a still-bare plump little
mound, and a deliciously shaped pert little rump, made my sister
look like a wet-dream come-true. At least to me, anyway.
I stopped arguing, and hurried to undress myself. As Ginny
had pointed out, 10 minutes isn't all THAT long. As it turned
out, it was both too long, and not long enough; but I'm getting
ahead of my story.
By the time I finished yanking off my clothes, my little
sister was waiting on the bed, with her legs spread. "C'mon Big
Brother," she said, "fuck your horny little sister." "Teach your
little sister how a nasty old man makes a baby in sexy little
girls," she said, reminding me of our first time.
My little sister's words almost had me spouting great gobs
of cum all over the bed, even before I got inside her. Still, I
had my duties too. "Hadn't I better work on you first?" I asked.
"If I get any readier, I'm going to explode!" replied Ginny.
"Now get over here and knock your little sister up, before she
dies of frustration."
Hurriedly, I crawled over to where Ginny lay waiting, while
a crash of pans came from the kitchen, reminding us both that our
mother would be finished with the dishes in less than 10 minutes.
"Hadn't we better wait?" I asked my sister. "Momma will be
coming in here in just a few minutes."
"I can't wait," said Ginny. "If I don't feel my big brother
pumping my womb full of baby-juice in the next minute or so, I'm
going to scream, and you know what will happen then! Now get
your cock inside me, and let me feel my big brother squirting his
baby-making sperm up inside my belly where it belongs."
My little sister's obscene words were too much for me.
Obediently I rubbed the head of my leaking penis up against the
tight little crack between my sister's legs, smearing slippery
pre-cum all over the girl's little hole, and pushed. There was a
snapping sensation, as the head of my already cum-leaking cock
slid into my little sister.
"Ooooohhh!" we both said together, as the sensation of
feeling my little sister's tight little hole pulsing around the
head of my swollen cock almost had me climaxing in the little
girl before we had even started to fuck properly. As it was, I
felt a small squirt of cum spit out the head of my penis,
lubricating my little sister's tight little vagina, before I
managed to control myself.
Ginny loved the feeling of my sperm warming her tummy.
"Oh, that feels good," she said.
I had to agree. Feeling the little girl's tight little hole
squeezing on my cock, while her flat little tummy rubbed against
mine, would be enough to drive a lesser man up the wall. Well,
maybe me too. "Look at you," I said, "cute little baby girl,
with her own big brother's cock up inside her belly, gonna squirt
her sexy little tummy full of the thick sticky white-stuff that
makes babies. Shame on you, wanting your own brother to knock
you up! Well big old Mikey's gonna do just that. I'm going to
give my little sister just what horny little girls like her need:
a big belly. I'm going to fill your cute little tummy so full of
sperm; you'll be walking bow-legged from carrying my children.
I'm going to keep your belly full of my babies until you're too
old to get pregnant any more. Wouldn't you like that Ginny?
Just think, we could have five or six kids, before you even get
out of school."
All the while I was talking, I had been sliding my engorged
penis in and out of my little sister's clasping little hole, as
we both strained to reach a climax, forgetting our mother's
pending approach from the other room.
Hearing my obscene words, and feeling my big cock slip-
sliding inside her, was too much for Ginny. The little girl
began to cum. "Oh God, do it!" she wailed, "Get me pregnant.
Let me feel my big brother's baby growing inside me. Oh Mike,
make a little girl in my tummy, so you can fuck our little girl
when she grows up. Please? Aauugh!" Ginny's body went into
spasms, as she jerked and thrashed on the bed. Her already tight
little hole clamped down on my cock so hard, I thought it was
going to come off, as her vagina started squeezing on it like a
milking-machine gone out of control. I couldn't help it; I gave
my little sister what she wanted: a belly full of baby-juice.
Completely forgetting about Momma, and that she was
expecting to be there soon to watch us 'practice', I let myself
go. Wad after wad of incestuous cream forced its way through the
tube on the bottom of my prick, dilated the head, and spat into
my little sister's defenseless young belly. It felt so GOOD to
let myself go like that. As each thick sticky curd of incestuous
cum forced its way through the tip of my cock, and into my
sister's body, I felt almost overcome with love for her.
Ginny obviously felt the same way. "Oh wow!" she said,
"You're doing it. My big brother's cumming in me. Do it Mike,
teach your little sister how to make a baby. Make my belly get
big with your baby inside me. I want to feel our child squirming
and kicking inside me, when I go to sleep at night. C'mon Mike,
knock me up."
Even with my cute sexy little sister panting these obscene
words in my ear, while her tight little cunny milked and squeezed
on my squirting cock, and her smooth little tummy rubbed against
mine, in a sensuous manner that would have made a eunuch squirt
sperm, eventually I ran out. I had ejaculated every last drop of
sperm I had inside my little sister, and had no more to give her.
"Oh God, that was good!" she said, as we pulled apart.
I had to agree. Looking at my little sister's cunny oozing
my seed, knowing that millions of my sperm were even then
wriggling their way up inside her womb, was almost enough to make
me want to start all over again.
Ginny seemed to read my mind. "Whooo," she said, "I hope
I'm pregnant now."
"Well if not," I said with a grin, "we can always keep
trying, until you are!"
As we were both chuckling about that, the roof fell in. We
had forgotten completely about our mother. As she came into the
room, wiping her hands on a towel, she could see the two of us
plainly. There was absolutely no doubt about what we had just
done. We were both completely naked, on my little sister's bed.
I was between her legs, and her little pouting slit was oozing
white, as a bubble of my cum started to well out of the little
girl's tiny little slit. As if in confirmation, a similar bubble
of white oozed out of the tip of my penis, matching the one
between my sister's legs, as my cock slowly deflated. If ever
two people were caught "en flagrente delicto" it was the two of
Momma was furious! "I KNEW I shouldn't have left you two
alone," she said.
"Look at you," she said to me, "sitting there with your
prick hanging out, limp as a noodle after filling your baby
sister full of sperm."
She turned to Ginny. "And You! Lying there with your big
brother's seed soaking inside you. You're probably already
pregnant. You two just couldn't wait, could you?" Momma was
almost crying now.
Ginny and I hung our heads. All this trouble, just because
we got a little impatient. We HAD known that Momma was going to
be coming into the bedroom in just a few minutes, but our
horniness had made us get carried away.
Momma continued, "I don't know what I'm going to tell your
father. He's going to be awfully disappointed it you two, when I
tell him that you're pregnant by your own brother, and I didn't
even know you were doing it, let alone be there to supervise."
Momma paused to wipe a tear from her eye, before finishing up.
"You were supposed to just come in here and get ready to
practice. THEN I was going to come in and watch."
We both hung our heads, feeling guilty.
"How could you do this to me?" she asked, turning to me,
"You KNOW how much I like to watch, when you practice making a
baby in your little sister."


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