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Life can be good sometimes

All stories on this web site are purely FICTIONAL. The people depicted within these stories only exist in someone's IMAGINATION. Any resemblence between anyone depicted in these stories and any real person, living or dead, is an incredible COINCIDENCE too bizarre to be believed. If you think that you or someone you know is depicted in one of these stories it's only because you're a twisted perverted little fucker who sees conspiracies and plots where none exist. You probably suspect that your own MOTHER had sex with ALIENS and COWS and stuff. Well, she didn't. It's all in your head. Now take your tranquilizers and RELAX.

Subject: Story: Life Can Be Good (mf,mff)
Date: Fri Jun 23 19:21:32 1995

Warning: Sexual Content - do not read if you are under 18, otherwise
immature, or a member of the immoral minority

Life Can Be Good Sometimes
by David Alan Smith

I slammed my erupting cock as deep into Cheryl's cunt
as I could muster while a shuddering orgasm overcame me. I
nearly blanked out. I collapsed onto her back, pushing her face
first into the mattress of of the hotel bed. She still shook from
her own orgasm as I slowly climbed back to consciousness. My
first coherent returning thoughts were directly contradictory.
The first thought was "damn, that was good. I want more!"
But that was quickly followed by "I can't believe I just fucked
my secretary like a wildman. What will my wife do when she
finds out?"
As my cock slowly deflated I could feel I was about to
slip out of Cheryl's warm wet sex. Reluctantly I pulled out of
her and rolled off to the side, allowing my hand to brush across
the sweet round bottom I'd watched wiggle out of my office so
often. As Cheryl rolled over I looked down and could see our
mixed fluids dripping down her thigh.
She smiled at me and said "that was nice, for starters."
I think she saw the conflicting drives in my eyes and
spoke again.
"Look, it's to late too prevent this from happening, and
too early to regret it, so just drop the guilt trip and fuck me
proper. You'd better not be thinking about returning to the
She was right, we had come here to spend the
afternoon fucking. I'd worry about the consequences later. As I
relaxed with this thought she smiled again, reached down and
began to gently and casually knead my now soft cock and balls.
Just that slight touch and the lust in her eyes brought a tingle to
my groin. I knew it wouldn't be long before I was hard again.

* * *

Now, I'm not a man who makes a habit out of sleeping
with his secretaries or cheating on his wife. While I have had
occassional flings, they have all been short lived and I told my
wife about them right away. We have a very communicative
relationship and while she might not like my daliances, they are
infrequent enough to not worry about and frequent enough to
give her license to wander also, if she desires. But never, in
twelve years of marriage, eight of which I've had personal
secretaries, did I stray with someone from work. Oh, that's not
to say that I haven't been attracted to people I work with. I just
thought it was a good idea to keep those worlds separate.
Cheryl had been my secretary for only about three
months, she was very good at what she did. In fact, she was
too good. She was finishing her BA through an evening
program at a local University and when she finished her degree
would certainly be moving up and out of my office. But,
sometimes it is hard to see Cheryl for her brains, because her
body is just so hot. She stands about 5'7" and is slender and
muscular (I'm not good at wieght, mostly because I don't care).
Her hair is auburn, highlighted by green eyes and a white smile
that is worthy of a Close-Up (tm) commercial. In addition to
work and school, she also manages to eat right and exercise, so
her body gives off the aura of a healthy ripe peach ready to be
eaten. For three months, since I'd picked her out of the
secretarial pool, I'd been lusting after those legs, that rear end,
those high set and shapely breasts, that taut neck, that rose bud
mouth. I'd had wild fantasies about her that sometimes kept me
from completing all my work in a timely manner, forcing me to
stay late to get caught up. But I'd behaved. I'd said nothing. I
didn't touch. I didn't lear. Once, just after arriving home late,
my wife asked me if I wanted to fuck my new secretary. We're
always honest with each other, I just said "that obvious?" She
just nodded and went on with what she was doing.
On that day, we had finished up a major project and I
presented it at a late morning meeting. The presentation had
gone so well that we may launch an entire new product line,
and if we do, I could become a VP. So I took Cheryl out for
lunch to celebrate and to thank her for the effort she had put
into the project. Cheryl was dressed exquisitely in a dress
which hinted at, without exposing, the lusciousness of her
breasts, that accentuated the roundness of her buttocks, and
managed to tastefully expose a good portion of those long legs.
Half way through lunch, in the middle of trying to extract my
lobster meat from the shell, Cheryl stunned me. She said
simply. "You want to fuck me." It was said as part question,
part statement of fact, and part command. My lobster almost
landed on the floor. My jaw dropped. I stammered out
nonsense syllables. It was true. What was I to do.
We continued to eat, Cheryl nonplussed, me hardly able
to swallow. But as we ate we were making plans, we'd leave
the restaurant, go to the Hilton (tm) down the street and rent a
room. It was only one o'clock now, we could fuck till five or
so and both go on home. When we got to the hotel we were
like animals. As she tore at my clothes to get them off of me I
began to realize that maybe, just maybe, the attraction was
mutual and she wasn't looking to sleep her way to a raise or
promotion. I couldn't get over her body. It was even more
beautiful than in my fantasies. We ravished one another.

* * *

We'd been fucking ourselves silly for three hours, I
came twice more and Cheryl seemed to ride orgasm after
orgasm at will. She had laciviously licked by cock, balls, and
anus for 15 minutes straight after my second orgasm, to get me
hard again. I didn't think it would happen but it did. I had
explored every inch of her body with hands and mouth, most of
her more than once. I sucked her toes, I licked her legs, I
pinched her nipples and fondled the whole breasts. I tongued
her clitoris and labia. In fact, the only thing she balked at was
when I tried to fuck her ass. She didn't say no, she just said
later. But now, at 4:30, we were both exhausted and I realized
that wasn't going to happen this afternoon.
We got up and took a shower together. The urgency of
discovering a new body, a new lover, having abated, we
leisurely washed each other, stroking and soothing, the water
cascading over us, the good fulfilled weariness of vigorous sex
creeping into our muscles. Out of the shower we took turns
towelling each other dry. As we reentered the bedroom from
the bath Cheryl pushed me back down on the bed and began
licking and sucking my cock and balls again. It felt so good, I
couldn't force her away, but I did say that we both needed to
get going.
"In a minute," she responded "just let me kiss you for a
minute or two."
I could feel the flush of excitement in my loins, but
there was no way she would get me hard right now, I figured I
needed at least an hour or more rest. I laid back and closed my
eyes, just reveling in the ministrations of this woman ten years
my junior. There was a knock at the door.
"What the hell?" I bolted to a seated position, but
Cheryl was already standing and headed for the door.
"Relax," she said "I'll take care of it."
My mind raced, I was suddenly filled with guilt once
again. But Cheryl was so calm. How could that be? It was
almost as if she was expecting company.
"Wait." I managed. "You don't even have any clothes
"It's okay" she assurred me.
I wasn't assured.
I couldn't quite see the door to the suite from the bed
where I laid, so while I heard the door open, I couldn't see
either the visitor or Cheryl. I heard some muted whispers and
what might have been a giggle. Whew, I thought, at least its a
woman, so Cheryl's nudity won't cause too much commotion.
My mind was nonetheless running wild, who could it be? The
hotel staff? a Maid? not at this hour. The manager? why? We
hadn't ordered room service. Maybe it was a mistake. But what
if it wasn't. Was my wife having me followed? Was Cheryl's
fiance having her followed? What if it was her fiance. I grabbed
for my clothes and tried to start putting them on. I wasn't
having to much success when Cheryl and the visitor entered the
bedroom. I looked up only to see my own wife.
"Oh shit," I moaned.
Neither of the women said anything, but Cheryl looked
peculiarly comfortable for the sistuation, and for being naked in
front of a perfect stranger. And then I noticed that my wife was
smiling. Only, it wasn't a smile I'd ever seen on her face before.
It was the kind of smile you see on a cat when he knows the
bird he's cornered is as good as lunch. I droped my shoe, which
I was inexplicably putting on before my socks, before anything
"Hi dear, have you been enjoying yourself?" It was my
wife, Jill speaking, and her voice was amazingly calm and even.
I said nothing.
"Oh, it's okay dear, I knew you wanted to fuck Cheryl,
she really is beautiful isn't she?"
With this Cheryl had moved back over to the bed with
me and had begun massaging my now very tense shoulders. I
tried to pull away. I reached for my jockeys and tried to
straighten them out to put them on. I sheepishly looked up at
Jill. I had intended to mumble some sort of sad apology when I
realized that she was stripping. Yes, she had kicked off her
shoes, dropped her skirt and was unbottoning her blouse. I
couldn't believe my eyes. I looked at her with a question in my
eyes. She just smiled. I looked at Cheryl. She just smiled.
"Oh my, sweetheart, you haven't figured this out yet?"
Jill asked.
"Figured what out." As sad a response as it was I felt a
jolt of pride that I'd even gotten that much out.
"tsk tsk tsk" It was a sound I'd heard Jill make so many
times, usually when she had played a practical joke on me.
Until now I'd always like the practical joker side in Jill.
By now Jill was nearly naked, shimmying out of her
panties. I looked up at my beautiful wife, nearly 5'5" with
pleasant adult curves, jet black hair, a body lived in, a body
which had born my two children, but remained fit and luscious.
Her breasts had survived breastfeeding in pretty good shape,
they weren't Cheryls, but at that moment I felt a sudden welling
up of love for those breasts, for the woman who was my wife.
She stepped out of her panties and walked over to me and
planted a very wet kiss on my mouth. I was almost in tears.
"Such a silly boy sometimes, do you really think this
was your idea? that this little rendevous was really just
spontaneous?" Jill was two years younger than me, but she'd
sometimes adopt this mothering voice with me.
It didn't bother me at all. I was just confused. I looked
up at her and loved her more than the day we married. I looked
at Cheryl who was simply beaming and I realized that I loved
her too, and that it was okay.
Next thing I knew, Jill had crawled up onto the bed and
had embraced and kissed Cheryl. Their kiss became
increasingly drawn out. Eventually they tumbled over onto the
bed, still kissing, and began fondling and caressing one another.
I watched with piqued interest. As their caresses became more
passionate, and Cheryl slid one hand to Jill's crotch and Jill's
hand squeezed Cheryl's perfect breasts, I realized that I was
hard again. I could scarcely believe it, I wasn't just hard, but
rigid. I didn't want to interrupt the beauty of what I was
watching though, so I just slowly stroked myself while my wife
and my new lover moved into a torrid 69. By shifting my
position I could take turns watching my wife eat or be eaten,
my new lover eat or be eaten. Suddenly it seemed to me that a
whole world of possibilities had opened up. I knew that Jill had
been with women before, but never with me there, never with
someone I knew, much less had just fucked. I wondered if she
could taste my semen in Cheryl's sex.
Once they had driven each other over the brink once,
Jill looked up at me and said "Are you just going to
masturbate, or are you going to put that thing to use."
I needed no more prompting, and at that moment I
wanted nothing more than to be inside my wife in a missionary
position. I think she understood as she rolled over and invited
me in. I pumped my cock into her a few times, but then slowed
to a slow grind, I just wanted to be inside her. Next thing I
knew, I felt Cheryls tongue on my cock as she licked both of
our sexes at once. Having already come three times, I felt like I
could last forever, and pretty much did. For the next hour and
a half we made love, the three of us, in every imaginable
combination and every imaginable position. But it wasn't until
Cheryl told me that she now wanted my cock in her ass that I
understood the completeness with which these two women had
planned this event. Cheryl had wanted to keep something to
share with both of us for the first time. So, while Cheryl
positioned herself, my wife took me by the cock and gently
coaxed it into Cheryl's behind. I couldn't quite come, but
Cheryl did, again, and the three of us rested for awhile.
We ordered dinner through room service and took
another shower, three way this time. Over dinner the women
told me how they had planned this afternoon and evening. It
turns out that Jill and Cheryl had been lovers for nearly six
months now and it had been Jill's recommendation that Cheryl
try to become my secretary. Cheryl had known who I was and
had found me attractive. The whole thing had been months in
the planning. I felt fooled. I felt ridiculous for not suspecting. I
felt wonderful. I felt loved. After dinner Jill was the first one
"I know you too have been going at it a bit longer than
I, but you'd better not think that you're done."
I groaned at the thought of trying to get it up again, but
if there was anyway it could happen, these two women could
do it. Cheryl smiled and suggested Jill order an adult film on
the hotel TV to help me get back in the mood.
"I don't need any movie when I have you too" I
retorted, jumping up with more energy than I realized I had. As
we tumbled down onto the bed again Cheryl interupted our
"Oh, there's one more thing lover."
"Oh, jesus, now what." I couldn't imagine what other
secrets they had been keeping from me.
"At nine o'clock my fiance, Robert, will be here, and he
doesn't want any of us completely worn out. And there is still
on hole among us to be fucked."
I looked at her with disbelief, but it quickly faded. I
smiled at them both.
Life can be wonderful.

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