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My Great Uncle

All stories on this web site are purely FICTIONAL. The people depicted within these stories only exist in someone's IMAGINATION. Any resemblence between anyone depicted in these stories and any real person, living or dead, is an incredible COINCIDENCE too bizarre to be believed. If you think that you or someone you know is depicted in one of these stories it's only because you're a twisted perverted little fucker who sees conspiracies and plots where none exist. You probably suspect that your own MOTHER had sex with ALIENS and COWS and stuff. Well, she didn't. It's all in your head. Now take your tranquilizers and RELAX.

Chapter One

Uncle David was baby-sitting me tonight. Personally, I thought I was
getting a little old to really need a sitter-after all, I turned 10 almost
two months ago-but I didn't mind when it was him. He usually brought along
a movie to watch, something my mom and dad wouldn't let me rent at the
store and I had told him secretly to bring along. Once I asked him to
bring "Dawn Of The Dead", but he said I wasn't old enough for one THAT
scary yet. That made me want to see it even more, so I kept pestering him
until he finally brought it. It was about walking dead people eating
LIVING people, and after watching ten minutes I was closing my eyes and
telling him to turn it off, it was so gross. He never said "I told you so"
or anything, and after that I trusted him when it came to movies. Tonight
he brought "Aliens". While most of my girl friends liked stupid teenage
love-type movies, I liked sci-fi movies with awesome special-effects, like
"Terminator", or "Star Wars". I don't know if that made me a tom-boy or
not, but I didn't care, and neither did my Uncle David.

Uncle David was real old -I think he's 35 or something- but he was always a
lot of fun. He had a mustache and a short beard, brown hair, and he was
medium-build. Whenever he came over he seemed to pay more attention to me
than to my parents! Ever since I was real little I'd climb into his lap
while he talked with my mom and dad and demand to be tickled. Then he'd
start tickling me all over, sometimes pulling my shirt out of my pants so
he could tickle my skin. I'd scream and yell for him to stop, but he
wouldn't until I said "uncle", and then he'd start all over again. My dad
would say, "Rita, Uncle David didn't come over just to tickle you, ya know.
" And Uncle David would say, "Sure I did! You don't think I'm here to see
you, do ya?"(meaning my dad). That made me feel kinda special. He could
play Nintendo pretty good too, sometimes even beating me at a few games.
He was kinda like a big brother to me. Maybe it's because he isn't
married. I don't think he even had any girl friends, which was OK by me
since I didn't want anyone else taking his time away from me.

After my folks left he told me to get into my pajamas and he started
making some popcorn for the movie. I went into my room and pulled off all
my clothes, putting on my pajama bottoms. As I sat there looking down at
my chest I noticed that my nipples seemed to be sticking out further than
ever before. I also noticed that the flesh under them was starting to get
puffier and it even sort of tingled when I touched it. I thought about not
putting on a shirt top like usual, but Mom had told my the last time that
I had been "topless" when Uncle David was here, that I should always have a
top on when men were around. I asked her why and she said that soon I
would be growing up and my chest should be covered from men's or boy's
eyes, to avoid "bad" thoughts. I didn't see why since at that time my tiny
breasts had only just started to protrude from my small chest frame, and I
didn't think *my* breasts would inspire "bad" thoughts, or any other kind,
in anybody. I wondered what Uncle David would think about these little nubs
poking out from my chest, and the idea excited me. Besides Uncle David
didn't seem to care if I was bare-chested or not before, s o no shirt.
Uncle David would always rub me when I snuggled next to him and I didn't
want a shirt to be in the way. It was warm in the house anyway.

Uncle David looked me up and down when I came into the kitchen. "No
shirt?" he asked.

"Nah, It's too hot in here. "

"Suit yourself. That'll just make it easier for me to tickle you," he
said, grinning at me.

"You know, I think my little tom-boy is starting to grow up, now that I
see you up close." he said to me.

"Why, what makes you say that?" I said, with a grin ear-to-ear.

"Well, I don't think you had... THESE!" he replied, and quickly squeezed
both of my nipples with his finger tips.

"Oh, Uncle David, you know I've always had my nipples," I replied.

"Yes, but not this with much skin underneath. Don't tell me you haven't
noticed that they are a little different." he said, as he continued to
roll the nipples around with his fingers.

"Yeah, they really feel kinda tingly, sometimes when I touch 'em when I'm
in the bath tub. But right now they really feel tingly, and kinda nice,
when you touch 'em. Why is that?" I asked.

"That's because you are growing up, like I told you. And soon you'll be
like all the other teenagers, trying to impress all the guys in school."

"Not me, Uncle David, you're the only guy I want to impress," I told him,
and as soon as I said I must have turned three shades of red in my
embarrassment. But Uncle David was so cool, he just released my nipples and
hugged me to him with all his might, and I knew he was the best uncle in
the world.

We went over to the stove, and started on our snacks for the night. The
smell of popcorn popping always makes my mouth water, and Uncle David made
the best popcorn of anyone I knew. He was shaking the pot with one hand
and he put the other on my shoulder, rubbing up and down my back. When the
popcorn was finished he salted and buttered it and said, "Why don't you
get some cans of pop and I'll take this to the TV room. "

"OK, "I said, going to the fridge. After what Uncle David had said, and the
way my little titties had felt when he played with them, I was starting to
see how being bare on top *could* be sexy. I'd never even thought about
that before, about anything about me being sexy...

When I got to the TV room Uncle David had already started the tape,
fast-forwarding through all the beginning crap. He had told me before that
he would only show me these movies as long as I didn't start talking like
they did; you know, swearing and cussing and saying the F-word. Uncle David
said only people with a small vocabulary swore all the time, because they
couldn't think of anything more intelligent to say instead.

I sat down on the couch beside him and gave him his pop, as the movie
started. He put his arm around me, hugging me close, as we munched away on
the popcorn, watching "Aliens".

I was really getting into the movie; that Ripley is one tough lady! The
popcorn was gone and Uncle David had put the bowl on the floor. "Rita, get
up a minute so I can lay down. "

"OK, "I said, standing up and then laying down beside him. He was on his
side, holding his head up with one hand, and I was on my back.

I put my hands behind my head on the pillow, hoping he would rub my belly
and my chest again. And sure enough, he put his hand on me, slowly rubbing
my tummy and then coming back to my nipples. I don't know, I feel funny
calling these titties, but I guess they are, or will be some day. And
besides Uncle David sure seemed to like them, no matter how small they
were. He was going over my chest, making me feel real good again, and then
down to my belly-button. His hand was soft, and it felt good on my skin. I
think maybe it felt as good to him as it did to me! Sometimes he would go
back and rub over my titties, making them get all goose-bumpy. It felt so
good I started to feel something warm and tingly in my vagina area! This
was really something new, and at first I thought I had to go pee. I put my
hand down in my lap, and since it was dark while we were watching TV, I
don't think he could see it. When I touched myself down there I really did
think I was going to pee, because it was warm and tingled just like when I
have to pee. I was a little embarrassed and afraid he would notice if I
moved my hand around too much. Uncle David pretended not to notice, but I could
see him looking at my lap once in a while. I wondered what it would feel
like if he rubbed me DOWN THERE, too, but I didn't know how to tell him it
was OK and I was afraid of what he might think. I know you're not supposed
to let anyone touch your private parts, but I still wanted him to. I'd let
Uncle David touch me anywhere. I reached down and unsnapped the top button
on my pj's, trying to give him a hint, and his fingers went just under my
waistband, going below my belly-button and over my hips. He was only an
inch away from my cunny (that's what mommy calls it when I'm in the tub),
but he still didn't touch it. Maybe he didn't want to because HE was
afraid of what *I* would think! Uncle David woulda said it was a
waddyacallit, a di. . . a dil. . . a dilemma, I think that's what it's
called, anyway. I didn't know what to do about it, though.

When the movie was over Uncle David said it was time for bed. Naturally I
complained, even though I was tired. It was already way past my bed-time;
Uncle David always let me stay up late. He didn't listen to me though.
Instead he picked me up and tossed me over his shoulder, carrying me to my
room and pinching my butt along the way, making me scream and wiggle. He
threw me on the bed and pinned me down with my arms spread out and my legs
hanging over the edge as he got on his knees between them and yelled,
"SMOOCH ATTACK!!" and started kissing me all over; this was something we
did every time he came over, and I loved it, even though I yelled for him
to stop. I guess I might be getting a little old for this stuff, but it
was still fun and Uncle David seemed to like it, too. He kissed my nose,
eyes, mouth, neck, smooching real fast everywhere, going from one spot to
the next like a bird pecking at something. Then he started kissing my
chest and belly, and my underarms, his beard and mustache making me giggle
even more when it tickled my skin. He would even kiss my titties! I'm sure
he must have kissed me there in the past, but I'm also sure I never felt
like this when he did! I was laughing and trying to get away but he had me
pinned. My pj's had slid down my hips a little and he started kissing my
hip bones, then going back to my belly just above my cunny.

When he figured I had had enough he let me go and I crawled into bed. I
sat up and opened my arms for a hug and a kiss, and when Uncle David hugged
me this time I kissed him on the mouth, putting my lips on his and holding
them there, instead of the quick kiss I usually gave him. I decided to be
daring; I opened my mouth a little, like I'd seen people do it on TV, and
after a second he opened his mouth, too, and his hands started rubbing my
back and sides, holding me tight. My cunny got tingly and warm all over
again and I was breathing fast as we kissed and I wondered if this was
what it meant to be "turned on". When we stopped Uncle David was breathing
fast too, and I thought he liked it as much as I did.

"Wow!" he said, looking surprised. "That was some kiss!"

"Did you like it?" I asked, hoping he wasn't upset.

"Sure, I liked it. Just don't ever try kissing your Mom like that!"

I giggled. "No way!" I loved my mom but that was different, somehow.

Then he put me down and tucked me in, looking at me like he was trying to
decide something. Finally, he asked, "Did you know there's going to be a
lunar eclipse next weekend?"

"Really? Can you bring your telescope over? I've never seen an eclipse
before." He had a really cool telescope. Sometimes he brought it here and
would set it up in our back yard, showing me all kinds of neat stuff until
my mom or dad called me in for bed. "Uh, well, I was thinking maybe you'd
like to come over to my place and spend the night, if you want. I'm sure
your folks wouldn't mind, if I asked them. "

"Yeah, that'd be great!" I'd never been to his house overnight before.

"OK. I'll tell your mom and dad and pick you up next Saturday. How's that?"

I hugged him. "I love you Uncle David." It didn't sound mushy saying it to

"I love you to, kiddo. Now go to sleep before your folks get home and you
get me in trouble for being up so late. "

I rolled over onto my stomach, knowing that he would rub my back until I
was asleep. "Uncle David?", I said, as he started massaging.


"Are you my dad's brother or my mom's?" I had never been able to figure
this out.

"You mean you never asked anyone before?" I shook my head no.

"Well, actually, I'm not related to either one. "

This was a surprise. "Then how can you be my uncle?" I asked, sitting up
again so I could see him.

"Well, your parents and I have been good friends since before you were
born. When you came along I kind of became your honorary uncle, and you
were like my adopted niece. I'm an only child like you, so I can't ever be
anyone's 'blood' uncle; but if I could I'd want a girl just like you for a
niece. "He stopped, looking at me. "I hope this doesn't mean you're gonna
stop calling me 'Uncle' "

I thought about it. It seemed to me the fact that he WANTED to be my uncle
made him all the more special. I hugged him again. "Don't worry Uncle
David. You'll always be my 'uncle'. "

"Good. That makes me happy. Now go to sleep before I tickle you into
unconsciousness, "he said, poking my ribs.

"OK, OK. Rub my back?"

"Of course. "

"G'night, Uncle David. Thanks. "

"Good night, Rita. Sleep tight. "I fell asleep with his hand going softly
over my back, and my backside, dreaming about next weekend.




I didn't think the weekend would ever get here but finally it was Saturday
and Uncle Dave was picking me up. My mom put some clean underwear, socks,
a shirt, and my pajamas in a bag, giving me a kiss on my cheek, and off we
went. I was really excited; I'd never seen a lunar eclipse before. I'd
never spent the night with Uncle Dave before, either. I hoped he'd let me
sleep with him.

On the way to his house I sat right next to him, begging him to let me
drive. Since we were on a back road he said OK. I was thrilled! My dad
never let me do this! Uncle Dave said I was pretty good, too. He had his
arm all the way around me, and his hand was on my bare leg(my dress had ridden
always seemed to be touching me, somewhere. I liked it, though.

When we got to his place it was still a coupla hours before night so we
played games on his Nintendo. He's the only grown-up I know that has one.
Just before dark he fixed some spaghetti and meatballs for dinner, and
after that he got out his telescope, leaving the dirty dishes in the sink.
His house was kinda messy, kind of like my room at home. Like I said
before, he's like a big kid, with no one to tell him to pick up after
himself. That was fine by me.

I helped him carry his telescope lenses and filters outside, while he took
the telescope. I think it weighed more than I did, it was so big. Even the
tripod was taller than me. While he set it up I went back inside for a
chair to stand on. When I came back out he had everything ready to go.

"When does the eclipse start?"I asked.

"In about an hour. What do you want to look at while we wait?"

"How about Saturn?" That was my favorite. You could actually see the rings
around it!

"OK, but you have to point it out, first." He thought he had me. I looked
up at the stars, finally seeing what I thought was Saturn. It was in the
right place, anyway.

"Right there, "I said, pointing.

"Hmmm. OK, what constellation is it in?"

"Saggitarius. The Teapot." I couldn't help smirking at him.

"Think your smart, huh?" he said, grinning back.

"You're the one that taught me!"

"I guess there's no one to blame but myself, then. OK, let's get Saturn in

We spent the next hour looking at Saturn, a few nebulae, and open star
clusters, until I noticed the moon seemed to be getting smaller. It had
been full, but now a small edge was dark. I pointed this out to Uncle Dave,
afraid that we'd miss it, but he explained that it would take a while for
the whole moon to dissapear.

We started watching it through the telescope, Uncle Dave letting me aim it
and focus it-he trusted me to be careful. You could actually see the
earth's shadow moving slowly across the craters! The whole time Uncle Dave
was explaining what caused an eclipse, while I asked questions. He never
talked to me like I was a dumb little kid, the way most grown-ups do. And most
think he liked teaching me, and I liked learning from him.

When the moon was almost totally gone he said that in ancient times people
thought some kind of god or space beast was eating the moon; I could see
why. It was kind of spooky. We didn't wait for it to come all the way back
out again since it was after midnight, and I was yawning. We packed
everything up and went back inside.

"Time for bed, Rita," said Uncle Dave, tossing me my bag. "Here's your
pajamas. You can use the bathroom down the hall to change. "

"Are you going to bed, too?"

"Yes, I'm going to bed too, "he said. "It's late. "

"Can I sleep with you?"I asked, looking at the floor. I hoped he'd say yes.

"Sure you can. I'd like that. Now get your pj's on. "

"All right! "I said, smiling at him as I ran to bathroom. I stripped naked,
pulling on my pajama pants and leaving the shirt in the bag, the thought
of actually sleeping with him getting me tingly and warm again as I decided, no
what, tonight he was going to rub me EVERYWHERE.

I ran into his bedroom to see him in his underpants, opening the bed.
"Don't you wear pajamas?"I asked.

"Nah. Usually I don't wear anything, but since you're here I figured I
better wear these." I didn't know if he was serious or teasing me, but I
turned around and went back to the bathroom, taking off my pj bottoms and
putting on my underpanties. I wanted to have on just what he had on.

He didn't say anything when I came back, but I saw him look at the little
crease my cunny made under my panties, as I pulled them up tight. I hoped he di
bad or anything. I climbed into bed and Uncle Dave turned out the light,
climbing in beside me. The moon was almost full again and shining through
the window, and I could still see him. I could smell his aftershave
lotion, too..he smelled good. I snuggled up next to him and he put his arm
around me, with my head on his shoulder. Then all of sudden he started
tickling me! He tickled my butt, my sides, ribs, my hips; he knew all of my
ticklish spots, like he had a map or something. I was screaming and
wriggling, trying to get away-but still LIKING it-when he grabbed me in
his arms and rolled onto his back, taking me with him and knocking the
covers off, so that I was on my back on top of him. Then he gave me a
bear-hug, squeezing the breath out of me-but being careful not to hurt
me-and tickling me some more. Finally, when I was out of breath he quit,
letting me lay there on top of him.

"You can rub my belly, if you like," I said, putting my arms up over my
head on the pillow and stretching out.

He didn't say anything, but his hands started going slowly up and down from my
chest to my underpanties, rubbing softly over my skin and making me shiver. His
fingers played with my titties, making them get all stiff, and then going
down over my stomach. My cunny was really feeling funny now up under my shorts
his hands only went as far as my waistband. It was like having an itch
that he wouldn't scratch. I didn't see anything wrong with him touching me
there if I WANTED him to, so I decided to take a chance. I lifted my butt,
pulled down my underpants and took them off, tossing them on the floor.
"There, "I said, "that's much better. "I stretched back out on top of him,
my bare and hairless little cunny spread out for him to touch. I only hoped I h

Uncle Dave was quiet, like he was thinking, and then his hands started
rubbing me again. This time they kept going down, over where my panties had
covered, over my belly and hips, and then down my legs almost to my knees.
Then he brought his hands back up, going over the inside of my legs, and
then his fingers went real softly over the skin right next to my cunny, and the
spider-going all the way back up to my neck. Then he did it again,
going slowly up and down my naked body; sometimes stopping to rub my
titties, or my belly, or my crotch, and I stretched out as much as I could
on top of him, spreading my legs wide so he could rub me everywhere.

Just when I thought it couldn't feel any better I felt one of his fingers slid

"Ooooh, that feels GOOD! ", I said.

"Is this what you want me do?"

"Oh yes! Please don't stop. I like it! "I could feel his penis under my
butt. "Your penis is stiff, isn't it. " "Yes, it is. It's called an
erection, in case you didn't know. "

His fingers went slowly up and down my cunny, making me moan, wishing he would

I figured out how to use
the muscles in my crotch to sort of make his finger sink in a little more each
this good when I played with myself in the bath-tub!

Uncle Dave kept going slowly over my pussy, and I started pushing my hips
up, spreading my thighs even wider, and it was feeling better and better each t
pushing my pussy up more and more into his finger, going faster
and faster, actually grunting, when all of sudden it felt like I had to
pee or something, and the next thing I knew I was jerking and yelling on
top of him and it felt like jolts of electricity were going all through my
body, going on and on until I was almost scared, it felt so good! Finally
it stopped, and I was breathing fast as I rolled off of my uncle. It felt like

"Gosh, what happened?! Did something break inside of me?"I was amazed at
how good it had felt.

"It's called an orgasm, "explained Uncle Dave. "Nothing broke. It's
completely normal. When you're older and you have an orgasm, or climax,
sperm comes out. An orgasm is just about the best thing you can give to
someone you love very special. Did you like it?"

End of Chapter Two



When I woke up I was all tangled up with my Uncle. My head was on his
shoulder, my arm was over his chest, my leg was over his belly, and his
hand was still rubbing gently on my nipples, like he hadn't slept at all.
Then when his hand rubbed over my butt I realized I wasn't wearing any
underpants, and I was kinda surprised, but then I remembered last night.
I rolled over on my back, stretching, and his hand rubbed over my ribs
and then down to my pussy, tickling inside it.

"Morning, sleepy head!" he said.

"Morning," I mumbled. My mom said I wasn't a 'morning' person. "What time
is it?"

"Almost 10 o'clock."

"How long have you been awake?"

"Oh. . . a while. I kind of liked having you sprawled all over me, so I
didn't wake you up." He was still playing with my pussy, and I was
starting to get excited.

"I'm hungry," I said, getting up. "What's for breakfast?"

"Cereal, toast, milk-you know, the usual breakfast stuff."

I threw a pillow at him and he grabbed me, turning me over on my stomach,
and started spanking my bottom. Not real hard, but making me yell and try
to get away. "Oooh, STOP, I have to PEE!" I yelled. He let me go and I
got up and went to the bathroom. I sat down on the toilet seat and
started peeing. It made a loud sound in the toilet and when I heard Uncle
Dave come in I was suddenly embarrassed.

"Don't be embarrassed, I think its pretty sexy watching you pee. I think
anything you do is sexy." Wow, Uncle Dave could really make me feel good
about myself. I smiled up at him, and he smiled back. I finished and went
into the kitchen, looking for breakfast. I didn't feel like getting
dressed yet; it felt good walking around naked, and I knew Uncle Dave
wouldn't mind. I found the cereal(Cheerios)and the milk, but I couldn't
reach the bowls. Uncle Dave came in and got them down. He hadn't gotten
dressed, either.

When we finished we put all the dirty dishes in the sink. I felt guilty
about making this mess for him to clean up. "I'll help you do the dishes,
if you like." I smiled to myself as I thought of what my mom would think
if she heard me say that.

"Thanks," said Uncle Dave, "I guess we SHOULD clean up a little."

We did the dishes in the nude, having a water fight at the sink, both of
us laughing at the suds all over. We cleaned up the mess and Uncle Dave
said, "Since we're already wet, shall we take a shower?"

"You mean TOGETHER?" Gosh, he was full of surprises.

"Sure! Why not?," he said, raising his eyebrows at me.

"OK, I guess." This was turning into a good weekend! It was like, now
that Uncle Dave knew that I REALLY loved him, we could do ANYTHING
together. I was glad. He picked me up and I wrapped my legs around him,
and his hand was feeling my butt again. We went into the bathroom and he
put me down, turning on the water and letting it get hot, and we climbed
in and pulled the curtain shut.

"Will you let me wash you?," he asked.

"OK," I answered, wondering what he'd do next. He kneeled down in front
of me, and started rubbing the soap all over me, lifting my arms and
cleaning under them, then going over my chest and my belly. Then he took
the soap and started rubbing it over my crotch, and when it got real
soapy he started rubbing with his hand. It felt good and I started
getting excited and warm, and then his other hand went up to my chest,
and his soapy fingers swiped over my now-hard nipples. It sure felt good!
I looked down and I could see that Uncle Dave's penis was stiff, which
meant that he was getting excited, too.

"You like touching me, don't you."

"Yes, I do," he said. "I think you're beautiful and very sexy, and
touching you makes me feel good."

"You think I'm SEXY?!" I didn't know GIRLS could be sexy. Especially as
young as me! His hands were still rubbing the soap all over my crotch,
and my pussy -that's what I call it now- was really tingling. I leaned my
tummy into him, relaxing.

"To a guy like me you're VERY sexy. I think you're better looking than
any grown woman you could show me. That doesn't bother you, does it?"

"No. . ." I was trying to understand. I turned around to look at him, as
he put his hands on my hips. "Do you have any grown-up girl friends?"

"Not exactly. At least not right now. The last girl..or lady friend I had
was about two months ago. But I stopped seeing her, because she had a
little girl that was so cute, and I started liking her daughter more than
I liked her. And I didn't think it was fair to the mother in that case.."

"So you like girls? I mean even little girls, like me?"

"Yes, I do. I think girls like you are the sexiest creatures on earth.
Unfortunately, I could get sent to jail for being a 'little-girl lover',
so we can't tell anyone."

"Gosh, why could they put you in JAIL?!" I didn't think he was doing
anything wrong.

"Because it's against the law for a grown-up to have sex with a kid, like
we've been doing. People would say you're too young to understand what was
going on, or that I had forced you into it. It doesn't matter what YOU
think, or that you said it was OK for me to touch you."

What a dumb world this is! I mean, what's wrong with us making each other
feel good if we both say it's OK? I think the world would better off if
kids were running it. We know what really MATTERS.

"Don't worry, Uncle Dave," I said, hugging him under the shower." I
wouldn't ever do anything to get you in trouble."

"Thanks Rita. I know I can trust you. I wish I COULD tell the whole world
how much I love you."

I kissed him. I didn't care if we were breaking any dumb old laws. Then I
thought of something. "Do you do this with any other girls?" I asked. I
felt, I dunno, jealous I guess, thinking he might love someone else, too.

"I've only dreamt about doing this," he answered. "You're the first and
only. I was always afraid of trying to get to know a girl like you,
because somebody might have found out. When you unsnapped you're pj
bottom's last weekend, it was the hardest thing I ever did to stop myself
from touching you down there."

"Why didn't you? I WANTED you to."

"I was afraid of what you might think."

"I wanted to tell you it was OK but I was afraid of what YOU would
think," I said. I was right, it HAD been a dilemma. We smiled happily at
each other, glad that everything was OK now. We finished taking our
shower (my fingers were all wrinkly, we'd been in the water so long) and
Uncle Dave dried me off, like I was a real little kid. I didn't mind,
though, now that I knew he liked touching me so much. After he dried
himself off we went into the bedroom. "You promised you'd give me another
orgasm," I reminded him. I wanted to very much, now that I knew how much
fun it was.

"Yeah, I did," he said. He took me over to the side of the bed and I laid
down on my back, with my legs hanging over the edge, so he could rub me
all over, like last night. He got down on his knees, and I spread my legs
so he could get between them. Then he grabbed my arms and stretched me
out, and I thought he was gonna yell "Smooch attack!" but instead he
said, "Can I kiss you like we did last weekend?"

"OK," I grinned, opening my mouth a little. He kissed me with his mouth
open, too, and then I felt his tongue in my mouth! It felt weird, at
first, but I thought it was neat. We kissed with our tongues for a while,
and it made my pussy feel all warm and good again. His leg was in between
my legs, and I started rubbing my crotch against him. Then he started
kissing my titties! It was like a "smooch attack", but he was doing it
real slow, and even using his tongue, making my nipples get stiff, too,
as he took turns sucking on them. I had my eyes closed, really getting
into it, when he started kissing my belly, and poking his tongue down my
belly-button, making me giggle. Then he REALLY surprised me. He moved his
face down between my legs and kissed my pussy! He had let go of my arms,
and I sat up on my elbows.

"Gosh, isn't that DIRTY?" I mean, Jeez, I PEED down there!"

"No, it's not dirty. I just washed it, remember?"

"Yeah, but. . ." That wasn't what I meant, really. Oh well. "I guess I
don't mind if you don't," I said, laying back down. He started kissing it
again, real soft, and then he started licking inside the slit. It felt
real naughty, but I liked it. He stuck his tongue as far in as he could
get it, and then he started sucking on it, and I could feel his tongue
moving all around it, making me shiver. He was going slowly up and down
my slit, and his hands came up and rubbed over my titties. I couldn't
help moaning, it felt so GOOD. I was pushing my mound up against his
mouth, when I felt his tongue touch something else down there, that felt
better than anything before. It was like he had found a new part of my
body, right above my pussy hole, and it was the most intense feeling I
ever had. Just then I felt an orgasm coming, and when it did I yelled
out, and my whole body was jerking under my uncle.

When it stopped, Uncle Dave came up and kissed me. "How was that?" he

"GREAT! It was even better than the first one!" I gave him a hug." I
didn't think anybody could feel that good!"

"That's wonderful. I'm happy that I could be the first to do that for
you. I think you discovered your 'clitoris' for the first time." So
that's what that new feeling was. Wow, this discovery was going to be

I said I wanted to make him have a great orgasm too, and then he had me
lay on top of him, with his big penis in between us. It was so hard, and
it felt like it was already wet. And then he started rubbing his penis
against the outside of my pussy and before long I felt his penis
throbbing on my slit and then he had the biggest orgasm he's had yet.
After he was finished I rolled over and he let me rub it for him, and
then he said it was time to bring me back home. We got dressed, I combed
my hair, and we went out to the car. Uncle Dave let me drive a little bit
on the way back, with me sitting on his lap.

When we got to my house my mom asked if I'd had a good time. "Yeah!" I
said. "It was great!" I don't think I'd EVER had a better weekend! I
thought I was luckiest kid in the world. EVERY girl should have an Uncle
Dave! ! ! !



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