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All stories on this web site are purely FICTIONAL. The people depicted within these stories only exist in someone's IMAGINATION. Any resemblence between anyone depicted in these stories and any real person, living or dead, is an incredible COINCIDENCE too bizarre to be believed. If you think that you or someone you know is depicted in one of these stories it's only because you're a twisted perverted little fucker who sees conspiracies and plots where none exist. You probably suspect that your own MOTHER had sex with ALIENS and COWS and stuff. Well, she didn't. It's all in your head. Now take your tranquilizers and RELAX.


It was a cool gray, November afternoon. I was walking down
the quiet, suburban street I lived on, on the way to Gloria's
house. It was fairly windy, a gust whipped up and I had to reach
down to hold my skirt. I suppose my modesty wasn't really in
jeopardy but the skirt was considerably shorter than what I was
used to wearing.

Gloria had asked me to help her with a party she was throwing
for Dave's (her husband's) boss. He had just started a new job
she really wanted to make a good impression. Part of his new
responsibilities included entertaining customers. Gloria was
going to hire several college girls to serve food and drinks and
suggested that maybe I would want to help out, and in return she
would forget the $65.00 I had borrowed earlier that month. I
quickly agreed, and besides the party sounded like fun.

Gloria thought about renting maids uniforms for us but decided
against it, then she asked us to wear matching skirts and
blouses, she was making up. She had called me earlier in the
week and told me that mine was almost ready, I had gone over to
her place to try the skirt on. I was uncomfortable with how
short it was but she laughed it off, reminding me that I was
about 20 years behind the times. I didn't want to appear too
prudish, I didn't know any of these people and wouldn't be the
only one dressed like this, besides it was no worse than what
many other women were wearing these days; so I agreed to wear it.

I had to admit the outfit didn't look too bad on me, a red
and black checked skirt, white blouse, red scarf, black high
heels and suntan panty hose. It may have looked all right but it
wasn't designed to protect me from the November gusts I shivered
and hurried along the sidewalk.

When Gloria met me at the door, she laughed and asked me if
it was going to snow. We stood on the porch and discussed the
overcast weather for a moment, until she noticed I was shivering.
We stepped inside to begin preparations for the evening. Gloria
was busy on the phone so I did most of the straightening up,
setting up the buffet, etc.

About 5:00, a pretty young girl came to the door wearing the
same outfit I was wearing. We introduced each other; Paula was
going to help me serve. She seemed nice, pert, maybe a little
flakey, but friendly enough and I had to admit in that her
figure, in the outfit looked smashing. She told me she was a 19
year old student at a nearby JC.

I said goodbye to Gloria's kids; Pete and Chris, 16 and 14
respectively. They were going to their own party that night, so
they wouldn't be disturbed by ours. They were actually the
reason for my friendship with Gloria. Chris was my daughter
Karen's best friend. And Pete was Karen's boyfriend. He had
always scared me, I thought he might be too "mature" for her, but
what could I do?

Gloria came down about 7:30. Dave had just gotten home and
the guests had started arriving. Mostly couples, mid-twenties to
early forties, they were quite well dressed. There were about 25
people in all, including Paula and me. I was introduced to most
of the guests and was flattered by the interest all took in me
although a little uncomfortable.

The women were less friendly, maybe even condescending. It
seems that Gloria had mentioned something about me to most of
them. I was involved in putting away the guests' coats and
serving drinks. At one point I walked by the kitchen and heard
Gloria on the phone. Something caught my attention and I froze,
listening to the conversation......"36 years old, married, 3
kids, 5'6", 120lbs, green eyes, brown hair, she has no idea
what's going on. This bitch has never even thought about anyone
other than her husband."

With that the person on the other end of the conversation
must have said something, for Gloria was quiet. I was
dumbfounded, she couldn't be talking about me??

About then she looked up and noticed me standing there. She
looked startled but recovered well, "What are you doing? Dammit
Joan this is personal I'd appreciate it if"........

I turned and went back into the living room; the incident
seemed strange but I really didn't think it was important, I
could talk to Gloria aboit it later. I didn't think she really
had been talking about me.

I went into the living room. It was quite large, with a
fireplace in the center. They had used furniture to divide it
into two "rooms"; a family room and a more formal living room. I
went to the buffet table set up in the ajoining dining room and
started helping Paula serve. Occasionally one of us would carry
around a tray of drinks. I was starting to feel slightly
uncomfortable, and out of place.

There was an air of excitement in the room but whenever I
got near enough to a group to hear or join in the conversation it
seemed to die; sudden pauses, pregnant silences etc. This
happened several times and I was wondering what was going on.
Paula seemed to fit right in though. When she brought around a
tray I saw her laughing with the main group. One of the men put
his arm around in a manner that suggested they had not just met.
Several of them including Paula looked over in my direction as if
appraising me, then Paula walked over and offered to relieve me
for a while. This went on until about 9:30.

Dave came over and took my arm, "there's someone I want you
to meet". He introduced me to Craig, his boss, and Phil,
Gloria's brother. Both men seemed seriously interested in my
life, my family, job etc. and were really probing me for details.
This seemed strange too but a welcome relief from the alienation
I had been feeling up to this point. I took a glass of wine and
began to loosen up.

About half an hour later Gloria gathered all the guests back
into the living room, saying "It's time folks".

Everyone seemed quite excited and I wondered, "What in the

I was on my second glass of wine, (I almost never drink),
and was getting slightly lightheaded. Phil gently took the glass
out of my hands, took my arm firmly and guided me to the living
room. The chairs and couches had been rearranged in a semi
circle in front of the fireplace. In the center, a long low
coffee table sat. The guests were seated or standing around the
table. Phil guided me to the front. I was confused but held his
arm. Gloria stood in front of the table facing everyone.

"This is something I have been looking forward to for a
while. Joan has been interested in Indian rights for some time.
She doesn't know it but tonight she is going to help collect
money for the cause", she said.

There was a general outbreak of laughter at that. I decided
that I would prefer to be standing in the back and started to
move but found my arms suddenly grabbed. I froze.

"Bring her up here", Gloria commanded.

Paula and Jan (a friend of mine from Garden Club) each took
one arm and pulled me up onto the coffee table. I resisted but
not too hard, not knowing what was coming. I was turned so that
I faced the group, my arms still held, and with my hair wrapped
around Paula's hand, she forced my head around so I was facing
the group.

Gloria smiled at me and told me to relax, "This won't be too
bad. We're just going to auction off some clothing". The room
erupted with laughter. I was numb, too shocked to scream.

Gloria stood next to the table "What do I hear for her
scarf?" Someone offered $1.00, someone else offered $2.00. The
bidding went up to $5.00. At that time Gloria accepted the bid,
and reached for me, ripping the scarf from around my neck.

I screamed, and a hand was clamped around my mouth. The
scarf was forced down my throat and with my arms held tightly, I
couldn't get it out. People started to sit down, they all looked
like they knew what was going to happen.

"Next item up is her blouse!" There was some cursory
bidding, Gloria backed up close to the table. I saw an
opportunity and tried to kick her. That was a mistake. Phil and
Craig grabbed both legs. They each took hold of an ankle. AS
they held my legs, they rubbed their hands up and down my thighs
and up under my skirt, much to the amusement of the other guests.
I was sobbing in my humiliation but there was no escape.

After a little more bidding my blouse was removed. Phil made
the high bid, and took it off himself. They bent me over a
little so that his face was level with mine. He reached out and
ripped my blouse down the front, he jerked my arms out, I tried
to cover up but Jan twisted my arm until I gagged. I relaxed and
they straightened me back up.

I was held there, up on the table with just my bra on. I
went blank for a moment, the only other man who had ever seen me
like this was Tom.........

I never in my worst dreams imagined this could ever happen.
Paula fingered a gold chain I was wearing. It had a diamond
pendant. Tom had given it to me for our 12th wedding
anniversary. It was sold for $5.00. It was ripped off my neck,
the chain breaking at the clasp, and ripping my neck.

Gloria told Paula to hold up my ring finger so my wedding
band could be examined, "She won't be needing that tonight".

It went for a few dollars. I was still kind of in shock, I
was sobbing but was still unbelieving. These things really don't

Again Gloria stepped up. She reached out and snapped the
strap on my bra. "What do I hear for this fine Maiden Form

The other guests all laughed at her sarcasm, they talked
among themselves, but most of the attention was riveted on me.

The bidding went on. My bra was sold for $20.00. Gloria
didn't make any move to remove it though, and I was shaking like
a leaf, wondering what next?

"Whoever correctly guesses what size this item of clothing
is shall have the privilege of removing it. However an incorrect
guess costs $5.00".

She reached back and looked at the tag and laughed, "Not
bad. Who's your plastic surgeon?".

I was turned and poked by several guys "So they could have a
fightin' chance of guessing right".

Several people tried guessing, on the third guess Steve's
wife Marie said 36D, and Gloria smiled...."We have a winner".

Marie "Graciously allowed" Steve to remove the bra. He took
his time. He poked, rubbed and fondled me to the delight of the
crowd for about five minutes. I had lost control by then,
sobbing hysterically. Finally he removed it, and his hands.

I had noticed earlier that several people had brought
camera's with them, now it looked that everyone had. I was
turned and twisted to pose for these people, my hair practically
ripped out of my head to force me to look into the cameras.

Paula reached down, still holding one arm and ripped my
skirt up to my waist, flashbulbs popped. They didn't bother with
the formality of auctioning my skirt, it disappeared in a frenzy,
and I passed out.


When I came to, I was spreadeagled - on my back on the coffee
table, feet tied, each to a leg, arms held back over my head by
Paula and Jan, and surrounded by the guests. Gloria was slapping
my face.

When I opened my eyes she smiled "She's ready now"

Craig was standing at my feet. His wife ritualistically
unbuttoned his trousers and pulled them down. She caressed his
penis but it was already throbbing, so he didn't need much help.

When he entered me it was rough. I screamed into the gag
and everyone broke into hysterical laughter. Craig even stopped
and smiled, but not for long. He had intercourse with me more
roughly than I ever imagined possible. Each stroke seemed to
burn itself into my insides. I looked up once into his eyes and
saw a terrible fury there. When he was done He pulled out and
stood up,

He moved to the head of the table and stood over me his
penis dripping into my face. He put one foot on the table next
to my face, and motioned Paula and Jan to pose on either side of
him like a champion race car driver being congratulated after a
victory while his wife took several snapshots.

They also each put a leg up on the table, their nyloned legs
flanking him as Marion took the shots. I tried to cover up, Jan
grabbed an arm and I was jerked back into a helpless position.
After Craig, the other men began taking turns on me. They
blended into one another I was only semi-aware when one was done
and another started.

I blacked out again. I was thinking about Tom and Karen my
14 year old, (and Pete's girlfriend). I imagined myself with
them on the beach during our last vacation. I was warm and
comfortable. In my dream I was warm and comfortable, I thought I
saw my son coming towards me with a cold coke. He threatened to
pour it on me.

I awoke with a start to look up into Steve's face as he
rubbed a cold bottle of beer against my crotch. Things were
quieter, the lights had been turned off in this end of the room,
there were several candles lit. I was no longer gagged nor held
down. Steve helped untie my ankles and his wife Marie gently
guided me to a couch. I noticed that most of the guests were
gone, there were several couples sitting at the other end of the
room talking with Gloria and Dave but they paid us no attention.

Marie helped me gather my shoes, panty hose, bra and what
was left of my blouse. My panties were nowhere to be found. I
put on my panty hose and with Marie's help my shoes and skirt.
Steve was still holding my blouse and bra. Gloria noticed
something and walked down to our end of the room. "Steve let me
help you with that stuff, It's not fit for Joan to wear anymore
so let's just chuck it".

With that Steve frowned but handed her the clothing and she
tossed it into the fireplace where it disappearred in a temporary
resurgence of the dying fire.

Marie and Steve both looked a little sympathetic, they sat on
the couch on either side of me. They were both quite gentle, and
after the last hours I clung to that. The room was warm but I
was still shaking uncontrollably. Steve held me to stop my
shaking. For the first time I could remember I stopped sobbing.

I didn't resist when Steve cupped one breast. He was gentle
and I felt a little safer being held. Marie spoke up. "I saved
your wedding ring for you, want it back?

"Listen," Marie continued, "Steve has a fantasy about this,
would you be willing to help him live it? It's a lot easier than
what you've already been through tonight".

I nodded agreement silently. I knew I had no choice and I
was more comfortable here than I would have been if Gloria
noticed me again. And they were so kind, I wanted to preserve
that desparately.

Steve reached for my hand and held it while Marie slipped the
ring on my ring finger. Steve unzipped his pants and motioned
for me to pull his penis out. I hesitated but when Marie started
to move I reached for it. I took it out, It was hard almost

Marie guided me to the floor in front of Steve where I
knelt. She pushed my face down into his crotch and I understood
I was to take him in my mouth. I gagged but did it.

After a few moments she pulled my head back and told me
that if I wanted to I could just use my hand but I would have to
let him come in my face. Dumbly I cooperated. I was in a kind
of shock.

Everytime I tried to use my right hand she stopped me, I was
to only use my left. When he came he spurted in my face and on
my hand which went up to protect my eyes. He came a lot, it was
warm and felt smooth against my skin.

Flashbulbs popped. I looked left and there were Paula and
Gloria both recording this moment for posterity. Me topless, on
my knees, Steve's cock in my face and cum dripping off my face
and hand (later I was to learn that it was dripping off my ring,
that was the object of the exercise). When Steve finished
cumming, Marie wiped his cock off with my other hand and replaced
it in his pants. They both got up as if I wasn't even there and
joined the other group.

I heard a long burst of hysterical laughter. Gloria spoke
up as they left. "Get on your feet and bring us some wine, and
see if anyone wants any dessert." I complied, it didn't seem
like there was anything else to do at the time.

It was about 2:00 AM by then. I served dessert and a little
wine to the remaining guests. I was directed to take off my
skirt and kneel on the floor under the lamp where they could all
see me, until I was needed. I complied. I tried not to look
into anyones' eyes, I was sobbing again but afraid of making too
much noise.

At one point Gloria got up and threw my skirt into the fire,
she also grabbed the arm that I was using to cover my breasts and
jerked it away. "Don't you dare cover up". After that they
mostly ignored me in the conversation but would occasionally give
me a look of disgust to insure I was aware of my condition.

For awhile I knelt there, leaning back fully exposing my
breasts to avoid Gloria's wrath. I was thinking back through my
entire relationship with Gloria and Dave. I had never seen
anything remotely comparing to their treatment of me tonight. I
had felt that Gloria was occasionally unnecessarily snippish with
me, even rude, but she had always seemed to be a fairly reliable
friend. I had confided in her about marital problems etc. and
she in me.

Her cruelty shocked me as did her blatant enjoyment of my
subjugation. I thought about Jan. She had always been a good
friend. She was what men call a doll, small, excellent figure,
pretty face, dark complexion, attracted men like flies but seemed
to ignore them.

Tonight she was acting extremely provocative, enjoying egging
the men on, and directing their energies towards me. She also
enjoyed my subjugation. I never even imagined that she could act
like this.

About 3:30 Paula got up to leave and Gloria told me to help
her with her coat. Standing there in the hallway Paula smiled,
and cruelly told me that "I have really enjoyed the evening,
haven't you?"

She laughed and told me that she had made a deal with
Gloria, and I was the deal. I would be hearing from her later in
the week, and if I valued my family I would cooperate.

She pulled my necklace out of her pocket and told me she
would get it fixed. Maybe I could borrow it sometime....with
that she stepped out the door and I was left alone in the

Dave came out and guided me to the basement, he pointed to a
pile of blankets and said Gloria would be down in the morning. I
heard that door shut and the lock click into place. Alone in the
dark, I sobbed myself through the night but didn't sleep. I
relived the experience countless times.

Was it real? Why? Why? Why? How could I face the people I
knew. How could I face Gloria and Dave, and the others I knew I
might see again?

About 12 hours later The door opened and the bright light
caused me to squint in pain. Gloria came down carrying some
clothing which she dumped at my feet. "Get up Joan!! I'm not
going to waste time with unnecessary threats. Suffice to say
that I have affidavits from everyone who was here last night that
you got drunk and made a fool of yourself. You made passes at
every man and when they were done you were begging for more. I
have pictures that would ruin your marriage for ever. And
finally if you don't want me to include Karen in our next Soiree,
you'll do as you are told. I do require you to sign two papers
and then I am going to let you go. I know you won't be stupid
enough to fight this but just in case."

I looked at the papers. One said something to the effect
that I had agreed to "Sell my body" for $65.00." I agreed to
serve as the entertainment at an "adult" party with the
understanding that providing sexual favors would be part of the

She had me write my age, name, and measurements on the form
in my own handwriting. She also had me write that I would gladly
perform fellatio and have intercourse with whosoever desired at
this party. And that I understood that although such an
agreement was illegal it would suffice to prove the
voluntariness of any sexual activety.

I managed to maintain my composure and although I shook, I
wrote what she wanted. After I had written what she had
originally ordered, she smiled and said let's improve this,
"Write that you are married and you know Tom your husband would
die if he knew what you had done, so you asked your husband to
leave you alone for the weekend."

Finally she had me write a note to Tom on the back of the
?contract. "Tom I decided to see what the rest of the world was
like. I enjoyed what the 11 guys at that party did to me. Ask
Gloria for some snapshots." I complied. Gloria told me she was
sure that she would never have to use this paper.

The other form was a model release which covered the entire
night. It specifically mentioned that the photos were nude, I had
posed voluntarily and that I assigned to Gloria the rights to do
what she desired with them including publication. The total
helplessness of the situation got to me. I broke into tears.
"Joan if you don't sign this in about 3 seconds you will lose the
chance and I will have to protect myself in a less genteel

I wasn't sure what she meant but decided that I had nothing
to lose by signing the forms. I did and she left.

Strangely she looked at me with almost friendliness in her
eyes and said gently, "Joan things have changed, but you're going
to be all right. If you continue to do what you're told, we will
take care of you." As she climbed the stairs out of the basement
she left the basement door open and opened the back door of her
home. I was looking directly outside.

I stepped out of the light and dressed. She had chosen the
clothes to humiliate me. There was no bra or panties, the
sweater was her daughters, and about 3 sizes too small. The
shoes were mine, the pantyhose mine (it had been washed) but the
skirt was again Chris'. In addition to being too tight it was so
short I was afraid to walk, if I took too long a step I felt I
would be exposing myself to the world. But I did put it on and
stepped out the door to freedom.

Walking down the street to my home I reflected on the
evening. And Gloria's cryptic final remarks, she couldn't think
she could do this to me again? I looked down at what I was
wearing and realized that she might be able to do what she

That was a chilling thought. I knew I could never go to
the police. There was a real possibility that even if they
believed my story, that Gloria could indeed ruin my life and my
families'. I passed by a moving van, people were just moving
into the home. Three guys stood on the steps. I heard a loud
whistle, and another. Realizing they were for me I smiled
involuntarily but stepped up my pace. I felt embarrassed but
flattered. I looked up into the November sky. It was the
deepest blue and the brightest sunlight that I had seen in a long


I had spent the rest of that weekend in a daze. Saturday
afternoon when I got home, I immediately took off the clothes
Gloria had sent me away in, and threw them into the garbage in
the garage. I tried to sleep. Although I had not slept in a day
and a half, I was still to upset. I wandered around the house,
but couldn't seem to sit down. About 6:30 I ran some water for a
bath. As I lay there I began to relax. When I moved I realized
how sore I was. I think it was than that the shock wore off and
the full import of what had happened hit me. I had been raped,
not just raped but gang-raped. Not by strangers in some alley,
but by friends, and neighbors, less than two blocks from my home.
Not knowing where to turn, or what to do I moved from the tub to
my bed and eventually drifted off to sleep.

When I woke up Sunday I was still in kind of a funk. It was
a cold clear day and I forced myself to clean up around the
house, etc. in preparation for my families return from Tom's
parents. I thought about Friday night. That was the first time
I had had sex with anyone other than my husband. I was ashamed
to admit it, but the worst part was the humiliation. The sex
with the men had been degrading but ..............

When Tom and the kids got there I tried to act cheerful and
welcome them back. Karen immediately stated that she was going
to run over to see Pete. I lost control. I yelled at her, told
her that she was not going anywhere. Everyone stared at me,
Karen looked shocked but said nothing. Tom took me aside and
asked me if I was alright. I said yes, there was nothing wrong.
He went over to Karen and told her to wait until after dinner to
leave. While she was gone I was scared silly. What would she
find out over there? I did not know at the time if Pete or Chris
knew what had happened to me, it was so crazy I did not know what
to think.

The next few days went slowly. Tom repeatedly asked me what
was wrong but I could not tell him. He could never understand.
I know I was acting strangely but could not help myself. We
tried to make love several times. Each time Tom would try to
approach me I kept thinking about that Friday night. The one
time we did make love I remember comparing his lovemaking to
Craig's brutal intercourse. I didn't enjoy Tom that night at

It was so cold so dispassionate, I think Tom finally got the
message. 10 days later, about 7:00 one night I came down stairs
and heard people talking in the living room. "What happened last
weekend, she hasn't been the same since?" There was an edge on
Tom's voice when he spoke. "She seemed all right Friday night
when she left". That was Dave speaking, Gloria spoke up. "Steve
and Marie Daniels left with her, they were going to drop her off
since it was pretty late. I talked to Marie last week and she
didn't mention anything". "Why don't we all get together
Saturday? Maybe she's just depressed and a little get together
will cheer her up." Tom agreed that that might be a good idea.

Gloria mentioned that she would try and invite a few other
people and would talk to Tom later in the week to set it up. I
realized that if someone saw me standing here they would notice
that I had been eavesdropping. I went on down into the living
room. Gloria and Dave were there with Tom. Gloria smiled warmly
and mentioned that since she hadn't heard from me in a while they
thought they would stop by. I mumbled hello, and sat next to
Tom. We sat and talked for about 45 minutes. Everything seemed
so, so...normal. After they left I wondered if that night had
really happened. I wanted to forget and they acted as if nothing
had changed.

I tried to talk Tom out of going but he was adament.
Saturday morning came and I saw that I had no choice. I
pretended to be sick, and that was not far from the truth but the
kids were eager to leave and Tom seemed intent on dragging me
there. I put on some jeans and a blouse and we left to walk over
there. As we walked down the street I took stock of my family.

Tom was 36, a fairly successful attorney and his practice
was just beginning to come into its own. After some hard years
it looked like he was in the process of becoming one of the most
prominent local attorneys. He was 5'10", 175 lbs and stayed in
great shape. I was extremely proud of him. When I married him I
had misgivings. He was a wonderful person, extremely dependable
and I knew he could take care of me but he was a little to staid,
too damn dependable. I realized as I looked at him that I had
made the right choice. I cared for him deeply and he was a
wonderful husband and father.

I looked at Karen my 14 year old. She was a sophmore in
high school, well behaved and normally easy to handle. Many of
my friends envied me because Karen and I seemed to have so few
problems. Her figure had been developing faster than I wanted to
see though, I worried about her. She went out with Pete,
Gloria's 16 year old and I felt that he was to wild for he.

Scott my 12 year old was skinny as a beanpole, a little
awkward but he was moving out of the awkward stage and I was
quite proud of him. Linda our youngest was 11, she was a little
monster, I loved her dearly though, she was my favorite. Tom
accused me of spoiling her. All in all I was extremely proud of
my family.

I looked up and saw that we had almost reached Gloria's
house. I was a little nervous, but Tom had told me that we could
leave after a little if I still didn't feel better. If he only

Dave met us at the door. Behind him stood Mona who had been
Karen and Scott's 5th grade teacher. I heard voices in the
living room and I saw Phil, Gloria's brother and a young women I
didn't know.

While Dave introduced me to Phil and his date (Denise); Mona
took Tom off to the side and they appeared to be engaged in an
earnest discussion. The kids disappeared upstairs. I realized
that I was the only woman not wearing a skirt or a dress.

Gloria came out of the kitchen, welcomed us and asked if
Mona or I could give her a hand in the kitchen for a moment.
Mona grabbed my hand and almost dragged me into the kitchen.
Once there she placed her hand over my mouth while Gloria picked
up a cup of some bright red sauce and splashed it on my white
blouse. Gloria spoke loudly, "I'm terribly sorry". She went on
for a moment while Mona relaxed her grip but kept a hand on my
arm and quietly said. "Cooperate with me Joan and today will be
fairly easy for you."

Before I could answer Mona pulled me out of the kitchen, I
tried to look embarrassed, not scared. I knew somehow that that
was how they wanted me to act while Gloria announced how clumsy
she was. Mona offered to take me home to change clothes, while
Gloria continued to act sympathetic and apologize. The show was
clearly for Tom's benefit. I understood from the pressure of
Mona's fingers that I was to accept her offer. I did.

She drove me the 2 blocks to my home silently. I asked her
what was going on, for a moment I was outraged but when she
offered to take me back and allow Gloria to tell Tom what I had
really done 2 weeks earlier I became a little scared (terrified)
and went along with her.

She pulled up into my driveway, I got out and begain walking
towards the back door. She stopped me. "When you enter a home
alone you will use the back door, when you are with someone else,
you will ensure that they at least use the front".

I looked at her as if to ask what in the world but thought
better of it. She went up the stairs and straight into my
bedroom. I watched her as she went through my closet. She was
tall about 5'8", blonde hair, blue eyes, single and about 31 or
32 years old. She had a good body and as I remembered she had
always liked to flaunt it. She was wearing a long black skirt,
but it was slit to mid thigh. I had seen when we had walked into
Gloria's home that Tom had noticed her. I had felt a tinge of

After going through my closet for a moment she turned to me
and told me to get out all my skirts, pumps or heels, tan or
flesh covered panty hose, and sweaters. She would choose what I
was to wear.

I complied with her demand. As I bent down to get out my
shoes I bumped into her. She grabbed my hair and slapped my
twice across the face. She didn't hit me hard but I was shocked.
Tears rolled down my face. "Hurry up, if we don't get back in a
few minutes Gloria will be getting out the picture album she
created for you last week and showing Tom and your kids what a
good show you put on."

After I had laid everything out she picked out 2 pair of
shoes, plain black pumps and plain white ones, several pair of
panty hose and a sweater. She made me try on several skirts.
Finally she made me put on the black pumps, panty hose, a knee
length black skirt and a red turtle neck. She put several
skirts, the white pumps and some panty hose into a shopping bag.

As she turned to go almost as an afterthought she told me to
show her what kind of sweaters Karen had. She picked out a
sweater that I had given Karen for her birthday, a beautiful
white angora sweater. She placed that in her shopping bag and we

When we got back they were all sitting down to dinner.
Gloria sat Tom down at one table and Mona quickly grabbed the
empty seat to his right. I felt Phil's hand guide me to a seat
at the other table. I looked over at Tom, he smiled at me and
started to say something.

Right about then Mona placed her hand on his arm and he
turned to talk to her. I sat down between Phil and Denise. I
wasn't very hungry. I picked at my food.

Phil tried to make small talk and so did Denise. About half
way through the dinner I felt Phil's hand on my leg. He started
at the knee and slid his hand between my skirt and leg. While
smiling at my daughter and asking her about a party she had gone
to with Pete, he fondled my thigh up to my panties. We both
acted as if nothing was happening.

Denise looked at him and in a very sotto voice, told him to
"leave her alone,......for now" they both laughed at that and
after that they pretty much ignored me.

After dinner Gloria grabbed me and guided me into the
kitchen. I could hear Tom talking to Phil and Mona just outside
the door. She told me that Dave had something to show me. He
came up from the basement and motioned for me to follow him down.
I went down behind him, upstairs I could hear the voices of the

He took me to the corner where I had spent the night two
weeks earlier. There was a blanket covering one wall. He
removed it, underneath there were dozens of pictures. They were
all of me, in the various stages of undress that I had been
forced to parade around in that night.

In the center there was a large color photo of me, topless,
on my knees, with my left hand around an erect penis, no more
than 3 inches from my face. Cum was dripping off my face and
hand. My wedding ring could be clearly seen underneath. It
looked as if I was smiling. Next to that one there was a shot of
me wearing panties, pantyhose, black heels, and nothing else. I
was kneeling in the living room while 6 or 7 people sat on the
couches ignoring me. "Joan if you will cooperate today we won't
show these pictures to Tom. If at any time you cause any trouble
though, he will get the same tour that you received."

Numbly I turned away. I started to cry. "If he sees
something is wrong, we will have to assume you are not
cooperating. I will leave you alone here for a few moments but
we will be expecting you upstairs." He smiled at me, and reached
down and raised my skirt. He looked at my legs for a moment, as
if to show me that he had that power. He dropped my skirt and
left the basement without speaking again. After several minutes
I turned and walked up the stairs.


I numbly reached for the door handle, I was going to just
leave, nothing could be worse than staying. Gloria was standing
right outside the door. She smiled and told me that she thought
I might try and leave, but it would be easier if I stayed. If I
left she and Mona would have to show Tom what a "slut he had

After she and Mona finished talking to Tom I could never go
home again. If I continued to cooperate I would only suffer
momentary embarrassment. I was repulsed at what she considered
"momentary embarrassment" but knew that I had no choice. We
went inside. Most everyone was in the living room. Tom was
there with Mona. He looked up at me. "How are you feeling?"
"Better I lied".

Gloria told Tom that she wanted to show me her new crafts
room. He laughed and told me to have fun. Gloria guided me up
the stairs. We went up into what had been the attic. It had
been remodeled for her to use for her hobbies. (I was soon to
learn that I was a hobby). Once there Denise soon joined us.
Phil was right behind her. "Shall we get started?" Gloria asked
sarcastically. Phil grabbed my arms while Gloria and Denise
pulled my sweater off. As soon as my arms slipped through the
sleeves Phil grabbed them again. They removed my skirt and slip
and then, strangely, Gloria asked Phil and Denise to leave the

"Joan, don't talk, just and absorb what I have to say. Go
ahead, sit down on the bed. Obviously you realized earlier that
you have more to gain by going along with us than by fighting.
What I have in mind for you isn't too bad. You are going to
have to learn to cooperate. If you do, your life will go on
pretty much as it always has. If not, well, I have some
alternate plans. For the rest of today, relax and try to have
fun. I promise you will not be hurt."

I thought about what she had said. All through my life,
from high school, college, and marriage I had been a "good
girl", a "good wife" and generally had conformed to what a
"nice" girl should do. Tom had been my "first". I fantasized
about other men on occasion but had never so much as expressed
the thought. I always dressed modestly. The night they raped
me I was terrified, humiliated, degraded to the point of being
sick, but when I thought back about it, I started to feel warm
down around my vagina. I knew, and she knew that I was going to
cooperate. She knew how I felt, degraded but excited.

Dave came in the room. Gloria commanded that I kneel on the
floor. I did. Phil and Denise came back in. Denise picked up
a tape measure and proceeded to take my measurements. After she
measured my bust I was allowed to replace my bra. She recorded
the measurements on a bulletin board. I noticed that there
were blanks there so the succeeding measurements could be
compared to the previous ones.

Dave looked down the stairs and into the hallway. He
reported that the coast was clear Gloria led me down stairs to
the bathroom. I was directed to step on the scale. We started
back into the attic but Gloria guided me to her bedroom. She
pushed my head down into what had been an old heating grate, but
was now slightly open into her living room. I saw Tom and Mona
on the couch, Mona had her hand on his arm and it was obvious
they were engrossed in conversation. Her skirt had slipped
partially off her thigh. He was enjoying her company. It was
also obvious that she was offering him more than a platonic
relationship. Before I could react Gloria guided me back
upstairs. I was directed to kneel on the floor again while the
others discussed my body. I learned that they thought it was
good, but that I would be sent to the "Workout World" to improve

During the afternoon, I stayed there, not ignored but not
harrassed either. Phil wrote out an exercise schedule and told
me that I would be using it soon. Dave and Phil spent most of
the time downstairs.

I could hear the kids in another room but they stayed well
out of the way most of the afternoon. I was terrified that one
of them would come in and see me like this. Denise mentioned
something to Gloria about Tom coming up, but Gloria laughed and
assured her that Mona was not going to let him out of her sight.

Late in the afternoon Denise told me to dress and come on
downstairs. She took me into the bathroom and helped rearrange
my make-up. When I came downstairs Tom had the kids in the
living room and they were preparing to leave. Gloria asked me
to stay. "Tom you don't mind if Joan stays awhile do you?" He
said it was up to me.

They both looked at me, but before I could speak Gloria
spoke up, "great, it's settled, Joan promised me she would help
me bake tonight". With that Tom told me not to stay too late,
kissed me, and left with the kids.

Gloria brought me into the living room. Mona brought out
the bag of clothing she had taken from my home earlier. Dave and
Phil seemed to be arranging some photographic lights and shades
around the Christmas tree. Dave had several cameras two on
tripods, and one with a strange looking lens that he was holding
in his hand. As soon as they finished arranging things they
looked at me, expectantly, "Well come on, step up here."
I came forward and Dave "posed me" in front of the tree.
"Turn slightly sideways, bend forward slightly, now with your
right hand, grab a handful of skirt and raise it a little."
"Damn it smile!" I was sobbing by now, Dave roughly wiped my
face, and pushed me into the position he wanted. For several
minutes we went on like this. Finally, Gloria who had been
watching silently suggested theat we were going about this all
wrong. "Strip her!!" she commanded, Denise and Mona proceeded
to undress me.

They weren't rough, they weren't gentle, they were just
cold and efficient. After I was undressed Dave lay me down on
the floor, on my side and photographed me in front of the tree.
Then he moved me so that I was on my back, feet towards the
camera, legs spread, and my left hand (wedding ring) covering my
vagina. I was made to pose this way for a while.

Eventually I was allowed to put on some clothing, and I was
photographed for the next couple hours in various stages of
dress and undress. I tried on all the pairs of panty hose Mona
had brought, Dave and Phil selected the shades they liked.

One skirt, my longest, had been slit to the waist, another
had been hemmed up during the afternoon so that it was much too
short. They tried every combination of clothing and pose
imaginable. No blouse, then no skirt, change shoes, bra on, bra
off, panty hose on, panty hose off, change skirts, remove skirt

I wasn't enjoying this at all but I wasn't as scared as I
had been originally. I was still scared and maybe a little angry
(although my fear overruled my anger) but it wasn't as hard to
go along with them as it had been in the beginning. I realized
what Gloria had done. By making me pose nude at first, I knew
the worst was over and that things had to get better. It
worked. Both Dave and Phil became quite solicitous, as long as
I cooperated they were gentle.

About 9:30 Dave told Gloria he was done. Mona piped up, "I
have one more idea." I was directed to put on some suntan panty
hose, my black heels, and my daughters White sweater, but no
skirt. The sweater was quite long and actually partially
covered my thighs. Gloria brought me to the kitchen, bent me
over the sink and soaked the sweater with water. She brought me
dripping into the living room. Mona had collected 3 hair dryers
and they began heating the sweater to dry it, while I was still
in it.

It took about an hour. When they finished they repeated
the process. Finally they did it again. This time before it
was totally dry Mona suggested they try some shots. By now the
sweater had shrunk. It was form fitting. It had stretched
around my breasts and was tight on my stomach. It still covered
a little thigh.

Dave posed me in front of the tree again. This time he took
several rolls of film of just this outfit. I knelt, I bent
over, I was twisted, and even took one shot looking straight at
the camera, hands underneath my chest as if I was offering my
breasts. This shot took awhile to get right because they
insisted I smile.

It wasn't easy but Gloria's threats and the promise that
they would keep it up until I got it right scared me into trying.
The resultant grimace wasn't great but Dave said it would do.
Finally Gloria suggested the men pose with me.

I knelt in front of them, Dave unzipped his fly and placed
my hand around his penis. I began to perform as he wished.
When he was done he did not put his penis back into his pants, he
stood next to we while I was forced to suck Phil. During this
time Gloria took numerous shots. Finally they were done.

I was told to kneel in the corner for a while. Mona asked
me about the family photo that we had taken several weeks
earlier. "Tom told me that you are going to send cards this year
with that photo on them". I nodded agreement. Dave looked at
Gloria and they both smiled. "Bring us some of them!" "When
will you pick them up?" I replied that they should be ready on

Gloria ordered me to bring them to her immediately after I
got them. The phone rang, Dave answered it. "Everythings fine,
she should be finished in a little. Joan, it's Tom." He handed
me the phone and I took it. "He sounded a little irritated.
It's well passed midnight hon, when will you be home? I didn't
think you would stay this long, I wish you would have called, is
everything all right?"

As he was speaking Phil had reached over and was
absentmindedly fondling my thigh. Denise tried to smother a
giggle but failed. I told Tom I was all right and would be home
soon. He sounded a little relieved, I told him not to wait up,
He said he would try but in any case to wake him when I got in.
I promised and we hung up. I asked Gloria if I could leave.

She told me that they weren't done with me yet. She wanted
to get a few more shots of me with my ring finger wrapped around
Dave's penis. I was posed again, and again. Finally they were
through. Gloria told me to dress, as I had been dressed when I
arrived. I did but Mona stopped me when I started to put the
skirt on. Gloria told me that I was through for the weekend but
that I had better be back Monday at 1:30 with the family
Christmas cards.

"Do you hear me?" "Yes, I heard." "Than you better be
here." Gloria took me into the kitchen where we were joined by
Mona. "Joan, I have a few instructions for you; first you will
no longer wear pantsuits or jeans, you will wear skirts and
dresses ALWAYS, second you will no longer say no to a man, and
third you will use the back door when you are at my home." Do
you understand? I nodded.

She sounded gentle so I asked her why.....Before The words
were out of my mouth I was told to "Shut UP!!! In due time you
will learn, for now, just cooperate and you will be allowed to
continue your way of life. Mona got up to leave. I gathered my
skirt in my hand, looked for my slip with no success, found my
purse and headed for the door. "Wrong door bitch" with that
Gloria pointed at the back door. I walked out and found Mona
waiting out front. She motioned for me to get into her car. I

She drove to my house, once in front I started to put my
skirt on. She stopped me. "Get out of the car." "I'm not
dressed." She reached over and pushed me out, I was to scared
to fight. Once out of her car I stood there, she had stopped
under a street light, and put my skirt on. I walked into the

On the kitchen counter was a yellow manila envelope. Joan,
read me, it said in large red letters. I opened it and gasped.
It contained a blank diary, but also about twenty pictures taken
two weeks earlier. The photographs formed a chronological
record of my gang-rape.

There was a note. "Joan use this diary to record what
happened to you during the last two weeks. Be detailed, be
specific, record your thoughts and your feelings. Bring this
with you when you come over Monday. You may keep the snapshots.
So far you are the only one in your family who has seen them. If
you continue to cooperate, we may be able to keep it this way.
Sweet Dreams............. Gloria, Mona, and Denise."

I stuffed the photo's back into the manilla envelope and
shoved it into a cabinet full of junk that no one ever looked
into, and stumbled upstairs sobbing quietly. Tom was sound
asleep when I got there. For some reason I looked on his
dresser. There was one of his business cards with some writing
on it, I took it into the bathroom to read. It was a women's
handwriting, it had a phone number, and address, and it was
signed Mona...........

Not knowing what could come next, I crawled off to bed. I
thought about the day, Tom's possible relationship with Mona,
and Gloria's final orders. I drifted off to sleep.
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