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A Girl and Her Donkey

All stories on this web site are purely FICTIONAL. The people depicted within these stories only exist in someone's IMAGINATION. Any resemblence between anyone depicted in these stories and any real person, living or dead, is an incredible COINCIDENCE too bizarre to be believed. If you think that you or someone you know is depicted in one of these stories it's only because you're a twisted perverted little fucker who sees conspiracies and plots where none exist. You probably suspect that your own MOTHER had sex with ALIENS and COWS and stuff. Well, she didn't. It's all in your head. Now take your tranquilizers and RELAX.



Time had gone by and the woman and her husband finally moved to the country.
She needed donkeys to satisfy her animal needs. She acquired several donkeys
and ponys and even a few horses. They called it a breeding stable but it was a
breeding stable of a different kind because she liked to breed with the
donkeys herself. She and her husband were quite turned with having sex with
ponies, donkeys and horses. They had seen the legendary pony girls of Mexico
and ever since they had been filming her with donkeys. She found a person
advertising for someone to have sex with his donkeys at a farm and they'd been
there there for months filming her fucking the donkeys. Now she had her own

She loved to get the donkey excited then play with his big dick for hours. She
put the end of the huge cock in her mouth and sucked all the while her husband
filmed the events so they could watch them later. He would then fuck her
himself. He took to fucking her in the ass while she fistfucked herself since
his dick was no match for the donkey dicks she had become accustomed to. Her
pussy was stretched to the max.

One advantage to having more than one donkey was that she could suck one to
completion and still have another to fuck moments later. When one was about to
come she would tell her husband and he would zoom in for a close up of the cum
cascading out of her mouth, down her chin, and dropping to her tits in big
globs. Then when she was done she would lead the next donkey into the stall
and get him excited. Then her husband moved a little padded bench over for her
to lay on so she could position the donkey dick at her waiting cunt. She was
sopping wet with excitement now and easily put the end of the 18" cock in her
gaping pussy. She would rock back and forth on the pulsing donkey hardon
pulling and tugging it in and out,trying to take it all. It was too long of
course but not too thick. She was beginning to dream of fucking a full size
horse while she fucked the donkey.

The thought really excited her until she finally came with a rush but the
donkey had not cum yet. She hunched furiously on the donkey dick until he
began humping back. Soon cum was pouring out of her pussy as the huge dick
made sucking noises as it drove deeper into her cunt. Cum was run-ning down
her legs and butt and falling to the floor creating a puddle of donkey cum.
She decided then and there she was going to train her new colt how to fuck


Having fucked so many donkeys, she began traing the colt by reaching under his
belly and stroking his cock.In a few weeks the colt began to catch on by
getting a hardon whenever she approached. She began sucking his cock and
because he was so young he would begin to cum right away.She always collected
the cum in a large jar and froze it. Month after month, and each time she
would collect the horse cum in the large jar. Soon she had about 45 of this
jars full of frozen horse cum. She thawed it all out one day and poured it
into her bathtub and took a real cum bath.

As time went buy the horse became an expert fucking machine. She was in heaven
since she had found that as he got older, his cock got larger and larger as he
changed from colt to stallion. Her husband had produced hundreds of tapes with
her and the donkeys and now she started a new series of horse fucking videos.

She trembled with excitement when she saw the hardon of this large stallion
slowly reaching it's full extension and begin to slap his belly. It was nearly
24"long and hung brown, white, purple and black between his legs. She couldn't
get the end in her mouth without really working at it. She would suck the end
and push until it slid into her mouth. After she got so hot she was
uncontrollable. She manuvered her soaking cunt next to the massive horse dick
and pushed it into her pussy. The horse began bucking violently but she held
it firm in both hands as she guided more and more into her waiting slot. Soon
about 10" was sliding in and out and she pulled and pushed on the huge horse
dick until she came and came again. Her husband zoomed in close for a good
shot of horse cock attacking his wife's gaping pussy. The horse cock was now
about 5" in diameter and she was stretched to the limit and her husband was
glad that she finnaly found a way of filling the hole that was stretched by
horse and donkey lovers.

Since the horse had been trained for so long he could now fuck her slowly
until she fucked his dick so hard that he finnaly began to cum. He could now
completely fill one of the large jars. Horse cum ran out of her pussy blowing
by his imbedded cock and flying out of the womans pussy splashing her
legs,ass,and the floor. Much of it landed on the husband's video camera since
he was so close filming close ups. Cum ran down the lens and this later was a
treat since they would play it back in slow motion.

Time went by and they bought more horses so she could fuck more than one a
day. Sometimes the husband got in on the act helping to push more of the
horse's cock up his wife's large hole.He would pump it in and out of the horse
sized cunt his wife now had. He would sometimes hold the jars to collect the
excess cum in so he could film his wife pouring it slowly into her mouth and
remembering again and again how she fucked the horse. The story will continue
as she now wondered perhaps she could start a private zoo. Lions, tigers, and
bears, oh my....

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