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Boys XXX

All stories on this web site are purely FICTIONAL. The people depicted within these stories only exist in someone's IMAGINATION. Any resemblence between anyone depicted in these stories and any real person, living or dead, is an incredible COINCIDENCE too bizarre to be believed. If you think that you or someone you know is depicted in one of these stories it's only because you're a twisted perverted little fucker who sees conspiracies and plots where none exist. You probably suspect that your own MOTHER had sex with ALIENS and COWS and stuff. Well, she didn't. It's all in your head. Now take your tranquilizers and RELAX.
The two boys stood outside their school and realized that summer
would start tomorrow. They were both looking forward to spending the
camping together. A couple of months ago, they had discovered a camping
outside town that was near a very private little lake. Not many other
ever seemed to go there. The blond boy had just moved into town only
just a
short while ago. Though the two boys had been friends, they had been
with school and not gotten to know each other very well yet. But, with
summer vacation they knew that would change.
Tim pushed his blond hair back away from his eyes as he was unlocking
bicycle from the rack. He turned and said to Shawn, "what time shall I
over tonight?"
Shawn began unlocking his bicycle also and replied, "why don't you
over about seven and be sure and bring your camping gear. We want to get
early start tomorrow morning. Mom will be out late, but we can put Mark
bed early and then talk about the trip before we have to get to bed."
Tim replied, "All right I will see you about seven then."
The two boys parted and rode down the street. They lived a few
away from each other. Tonight would be the first time either had spent
night over at the others' house though. Shawn's mother was going out on
date and he had to watch his twelve-year old brother for the evening. He
no dad and neither did Tim. Their parents had both divorced a few years
and neither boy had seen their fathers for a long time. It was kind of
for both of them at fourteen to be without dads at a time when they could

have used their help and guidance in life. But Shawn hoped that he and
would become good friends this summer and enjoy each other and camping a
It was right on seven o'clock when the doorbell rang at Shawn's. He
opened the door to find his friend Tim standing there with his backpack
his feet. "Come on in Tim and put your pack in my room." "My bed is the
on the left just inside the door." "I have to get Mark in the house and
will meet you in the living room in just a minute."
"Ok, see you in just a minute then."
Tim went to Shawn's room and put his pack down on his bed and then
out to the living room and sat in one of the chairs to wait for his
and brother Mark.
The three of them watched some TV and played some Nintendo during the

evening and then at ten o'clock Shawn told Mark to get to bed. That
met with some argument, but was settled quickly when Shawn offered to
onto Mark and put in a few punches to get his order followed. Although
did not like it he went off to bed.
Tim and Shawn sat out in the living room and talked a little about
trip for the next half hour. Finally Shawn said to Tim, "we should get a

shower taken and then get to bed, I guess." "Since Mark is in bed and
mom is
gone, we can just strip our clothes off out here and take our showers,
bathroom is kind of small." "You want me to go first, or do you want to
Tim replied, "nah go ahead and go first."
Shawn stood up and began removing his clothes. When he got down to
underpants, he hesitated for a few seconds. He was a little embarrassed
about taking his underpants off, but he did want Tim to see him naked.
also wanted to see Tim naked. They did not share gym class at school and
boy curiosity wanted to see how big Tim's privates were, compared to his
He finally stripped his underpants down and stood back up in the total
Tim looked over at Shawn and kind of blushed. Secretly Tim had the same
feelings about wanting each of them to see the other naked. Shawn turned
walked into the bathroom and got into the shower.
While Shawn was in the shower, Tim stripped off all his clothes. It
looked like to Tim, that he and Shawn were both about the same size in
private area. Plus, they both had about the same amount of pubic hair.
felt his dick stiffen a little and had to take his mind off Shawn before
ended up with a total boner. He knew he wanted to see Shawn with a
but was not sure he wanted to be the first to have one in front of the
He looked down the hall and into the bathroom and could see Shawn's nude
through the shower door. It looked like Shawn was soaping his cock up
and he
wondered if Shawn would get a boner doing that. He hoped so and that the

boner would last until he got out of the shower.
A couple of minutes later Shawn shut the water off and stepped out of
door and into the small bathroom. He had gotten stiff soaping his dick
when it would not go soft again finally decided that he would let Tim see
with it stiff. He hoped that Tim would get stiff while in the shower and
him see his boner also. He quickly dried off and went out into the
room nude and with his stiff dick pointing straight up toward the
He did not put the towel around him or try to hide his boner. He wanted
to see it with the silent hope that Tim would get stiff also.
Tim was sitting on the floor in the nude and when Shawn walked into
room looked up at his friend standing there naked with a boner. Tim
a little again, but said nothing. He just stood up and headed for the
bathroom to take his shower. He knew he was going to get stiff and that
was going to let Shawn see his stiff dick in the same way.
Tim did the same thing as Shawn had done. Soaped his dick and it got

stiff. Shortly after it got stiff, he got out of the shower and dried
He took a deep breath and walked into the living room nude with his stiff

dick pointing straight up as Shawn had done.
Shawn was still naked and still had a boner. What Tim did not know
that he had been playing with it while Tim had been in the shower to
keep it
stiff. Both boys looked at each others stiff dicks and realized that
dicks were about the same size when they were stiff. Neither spoke, but
looked at the other boys' boner. Shawn reached down and put his hand
his boner and moved his hand up and down the shaft a few times. Tim
to see his friend jacking off, but reached down and did the same thing to
After only about thirty seconds of stroking themselves, Shawn said,
guess we better get to bed and get some sleep or we are going to be dead
our feet tomorrow." "I usually sleep naked and if you don't mind we can
sleep naked together tonight." "My bed is pretty good sized, so we
have no trouble both fitting on it."
Tim replied, "I usually sleep naked also and I don't mind sleeping
tonight with you."
Shawn turned and shut the living room light off and both boys walked
the bedroom and quietly slipped into Shawn's bed and pulled the covers
them. Mark lay sleeping in his bed on the other side of the room.
They laid still for several minutes before finally Shawn spoke, "I
haven't jacked all day and really need to finish what I got started, do
Tim quickly replied, "no, I don't mind, in fact I have not jacked
either and need to do the same thing."
Both boys pushed the covers off their bodies and took their stiff
in their hands and began jacking off. It was the first time that Tim had

ever seen another boy with a boner, let alone jacking it off. Shawn had
his brother with a little boner lots of times and was not embarrassed at

being seen jacking off, since Mark had seen him do it a few times in the

past. It only took both boys about four minutes of stroking before they
ready to shoot their loads. They both came at just about the same
Both boys' feet curled and their bodies tensed as their hot loads shot
the end of their dicks. Both of their loads almost hit them in the face
landed on their hairless chests. It was a little light in the room and
watched as the other unloaded a nice shot of sperm onto his chest. Once
their bodies had settled down for a minute, Shawn reached over and
the towel he had brought into the room with him and began cleaning the
off his chest and tummy. Once done cleaning himself up, he handed the
to Tim and watched as Tim cleaned his sperm off his body. Tim handed the

towel back to Shawn and he threw it onto the floor. They pulled the
up over themselves again and rolled onto their sides and slipped off to
in just a matter of a couple minutes.
What neither Tim nor Shawn had known was that Mark had woken up just
the two boys had pulled the covers off themselves. Mark was lying on
side and did not move a muscle, but watched intently as he saw his
and his friend begin jacking off. He had seen Shawn jack off before and
Shawn had seen him do it also. Mark did not jack off as often as Shawn,
still did it once in a while. Shawn was the only boy Mark had ever seen
a boner and jacking off before, so he was fascinated watching the two
boys do
it from across the room. His little dick had gotten stiff while
but he never moved a muscle. Finally after he was sure that Shawn and
were sleeping, he rolled onto his back and under the covers began jacking
little stiff dick and in no time came. He turned onto his side again and
asleep in less than a minute. He did not shoot any sperm yet, so he had
nothing to clean up.
The alarm clock next to Shawn's sleeping head went off at six in the
morning. He reached over and shut it off. He lay there a moment
about jacking off with his friend and hoped that there would be other
when they were camping they would do it together again. Finally he
over and shook Tim awake and told him that it was time to get up and
going. Both teenage boys slipped out of bed and kind of smiled when they
saw that each other had a morning boner. They quickly dressed and slipped
from the room, while Mark still lay sleeping in his bed.
They put their back packs on and grabbed their bicycles and began
trip to their camping site. Neither spoke to the other, but both
the night before as they peddled on their way. It took them about three
hours of peddling to get to their private camping spot. They were both a

little tired from the strenuous trip. When they finally got to their
they took their packs off and sat down to rest for a few minutes.
After about ten minutes of resting, Shawn spoke, "well I guess we
get camp set up before we do anything else."
Tim agreed and they began unpacking the tent from Shawn's pack. It
a tent big enough for both of them and once it was set up they slipped
sleeping bags into it along with the rest of their packs.
Shawn was the first to speak, "you want to go skinny dipping, since
have not seen anyone else around?"
"Sure, that sounds like a plan," replied Tim.
Both boys began stripping their clothes off and this time did not
hesitate when they got to their underpants, but stripped them right off.

They were camped right next to the lake and it was only about five
before both boys were in the water and splashing each other and diving
the water in enjoyment of the cool water and their summer vacation.
of their young boy dicks had gotten stiff yet, but somehow both of them
that they would both have a boner before the end of the day. They were
used to jacking off at least twice a day and both were feeling the need
get their first time started and on to other things.
After spending about a half an hour splashing and playing in the
both boys were feeling pretty tired now. The trip to their camping site
bicycle had been a tough one. Not only was it a long trip, but their
were heavy with all the things they needed to stay for four days.
Finally Shawn said, "I am pretty tired and think I will go into the
and take a nap for a little while."
Tim replied, "I agree with that idea and think I will join you for
Both boys got out of the water and grabbed a towel and dried off.
drying, they went to their tent and crawled inside and lay on top of
sleeping bags. It was not long before both boys were sound asleep.
Shawn, as usual, was the first to wake up. He was lying on his tummy
could feel the boner under him. He lay there thinking of last night and
wondered how they would manage to do it again. He slowly pumped his
dick into his sleeping bag and it felt so good to him. Suddenly he
that Tim was awake and was watching him pump his stiff dick into the
bag. He stopped and just somewhat smiled. Tim was laying on his tummy
and slowly rolled onto his back showing that he too had a boner. Tim was

being very bold now and reached down and took hold of his boner and began

slowing jacking off. It took Shawn only about two seconds to roll over
his back and start doing the same thing. Neither boy said a word, but
kept jacking themselves off going faster and faster bringing their young
dicks to the point of cumming. After only a few minutes of jacking off,
boys shot a nice big load of sperm onto their chests and tummies. Shawn
picked up his towel after the thrill of cumming had stopped and cleaned
sperm off himself. He handed the towel to Tim and he repeated the
on himself. Neither boy had said a word during the entire time. Finally

Shawn, the leader, said, "how about some hiking for a while?"
Tim said, "sure, lets do it."
Both boys got up and slipped on some running shorts and socks and
and crawled out of the tent. They hiked for several hours and loved the
of doors and the freedom of summer vacation. Both hoped that the next
days would go by slowly.
The two boys hiked for the next several hours enjoying the outdoors
the sights and animals. Not much was said between the two of them as
hiked and climbed over rocks and through the trees.
Finally they stopped to rest and talk for a bit. Shawn was the first
speak. "Hey Tim, have you ever had sex with a girl?"
"Yeah, I did just once and it was just before I moved here."
"Wow, tell me all about it will you?"
"Well, my mom was gone and there was a girl my age that lived next
with her parents and her older brother." "One day all the parents were
and so was her brother." "It was a hot day and I was out watering our
lawn, when she came over and asked if I would like to go for a swim in
back yard pool."
"I said sure and that I would get my suit on and be over in just a
"I stripped and started to put on my suit, but discovered that it was

last years and was very tight and I could hardly get into it. But, since
was all I had, I pushed and pulled until I got into it."
"She met me at the door and we went right out to the pool to swim."
"Swimming in this suit was uncomfortable to say the least." "She
how tight my suit was and commented on it."
"Hey Tim, your suit is kind of small isn't it? "You look
wearing it."
"Yeah, it is last years' suit and my mom has not bought me a new one
"My brother and his girlfriend go skinny dipping in our pool all the
when our parents are not home. Since your suit is so tight, you want to
skinny dipping with me today?"
"I don't know about that, I would be slightly embarrassed being naked

with you. "You know what happens to boys when they are naked with
"Oh, don't worry about that." "I see my brother naked with a boner
the time when he and his girlfriend swim naked."
"Well, I guess since you have seen him that way it would be ok then."

"So we both took off our suits and I had a boner before I could get
suit off." "She thought my boner was cute and looked at it a long time."
"So, what happened after that? Did you end up fucking her?"
"Yeah, it was not very long after that when she took a hold of my
and started jacking me off." "Shortly after that she got out and spread
couple towels next to the pool and invited me to join her on the towels."

"We started kissing and then just ended up fucking." "It was the only
we got to do it since I moved just about two weeks later."
"How did you like fucking a girl?"
"It was great and wish I could find another girl to get it on with."
"I have never had sex with a girl yet, but I keep trying to find
Shawn said, "all this talk about fucking as got me another boner again."
Maybe after we get back from our walk we can jack off again."
"Sure, I love jacking off and have a boner again also."
Both boys began their hike back to their camp which by now was quite
ways away. It took them about an hour before they reached their camp.
were now hot and sweaty. Without saying anything, both stripped and
into the lake for a swim to cool themselves off and get the sweat off
also. They did their usual splashing and diving and having fun together
like all boys do when the swim.
It was not long though before the long hike and the swim began making
tired. They got out and dried off and went into their tent to lay down
for a
nap. Both boys were asleep in just a matter of a few minutes.
They slept for about an hour and both boys again awoke at the same
Both boys were on their tummies as usual. Shawn was the first to roll
his back showing that his dick was stiff. Tim rolled over just a few
later. During their sleep they had moved close together and were now
inches apart. Shawn took ahold of his stiff dick and began stroking it
slowly. Tim did the same slow jacking on his own boner. In a bold move
Shawn reached over and took ahold of Tim's boner and began jacking him
After only about a half minute Tim reached over and began jacking Shawn
also. Neither boy said a word but just enjoyed the feeling of getting
off by someone else. It did not take long before both of them were
a nice big load of boy sperm onto their chests and tummies. After a few
minutes, Shawn reached over and grabbed a towel and cleaned them both up.
Both boys got dressed and crawled outside the tent. There was still
time left to do some more hiking before dinner and they headed out in a
direction not yet traveled. The area they were camped in was large and
lots of places to hike to.
Shawn was still curious about Tim's one time encounter with the
that girl ever see her brother do anything with his boner when he and his

girl friend skinny dipped?"
"Yeah, she told me that several times she watched them fuck on towels

along side the pool, like we had done. Once she had a boy over and her
brother and girl friend were there also and they all fucked on towels
side each other. She said that was the best time of all."
"Wow, I sure would like to have seen that. I saw my mom get fucked
about a month ago. Mark and me were both in bed and Mom and her boy
came in and sat on the sofa. With my door open just a little I can see
sofa. Pretty soon I heard his zipper going down and wondered what they
doing. So I looked out and he was just pulling his pants off. He had a
big boner in his underpants and my mom was already nude. Mom felt his
through his unders and then pulled them down and he stepped out of them.
watched as she jacked and sucked him for about five minutes. Then my mom

laid on the floor and I got to see him slide his dick into her and start
fucking her. Then I started jacking off and came in just about two
I quietly closed the door and went to bed."
"God that is neat to have seen that. I would love to watch my mom
fucked, but they always do it at his place."
Tim was curious about Mark and wondered if Shawn and Mark had ever
anything together. "Have you seen Mark jack off?"
"Yeah, we have jacked off together a few times. He loves to see me
my load, since he doesn't shoot yet. But, we have only just jacked
off, never each other like we have done."
"You are the first guy I have seen jack off, or even seen with a
"I guess I am kind of gay because I really wanted to see you naked with a

boner and jack off."
"I guess the same is true for me then because I had the same feelings

toward you. I really liked our last time when we jacked each other off.
hope that you will want to do it that way again, I sure do."
"You bet I want to do it that way again. I don't want to do it any
way except doing each other."
Their talk about sex dropped off and they just hiked along talking
what they were seeing and planning their next trip. When they got back
camp, Shawn noticed that there was a can of tuna fish open and empty on
table. He did not remember either of them opening a can of tuna. He
Tim, "did you open that can of tuna and eat it?"
"No, I have not had any tuna since we got here. That is strange
neither of us has had any tuna. That must mean that we are not as alone
we thought. But, we have not seen or heard anyone else being around
I guess being nude won't hurt though even if someone sees us, since we
just boys."
"Thats true, who would get all bent out of shape seeing a couple of
skinny dipping. Lets hope it is a girl our age and that she will want to

join us skinny dipping."
"Wow, that would really be neat to have a girl see us skinny dipping
join us in the water and maybe even in the tent for some fun."
"Well, tonight is our last night so lets cook an extra special dinner

and go to bed early. It is a long ride back, plus we can jack off one
time tonight."
The next day they loaded up their equipment and went home. Shawn
"maybe you can come over and spend the night one night this week."
Tim replied, "that sounds like a plan, just let me know what night
be best."
Only a couple of days went by before Shawn called and asked Tim if he

could come over and spend the night. Tim got permission and after dinner

went over to Shawn's house.
As usual Shawns mom was going out for the evening. They were
watching TV
and Mark left the room. Shawn asked Tim, "you want to see Mark naked and

maybe get him to jack off with us."
Tims instant reply was, "yeah lets do that. You think he will go for
"Shawn said, "yeah I think he will, but let me take the lead, ok?"
Mark returned to the living room a few minutes later. Shawn told
that they all had to take a shower and that he would start it first.
took his clothes off there in the living room and when nude headed for
bathroom to shower. He knew that he was going to get a boner and go out
show Mark and Tim. Once he had the boner he got out of the shower and
quickly and went out to the living room. Both Mark and Tim took a good
look at this boner.
Shawn told Mark that it was his turn to shower. Mark started
but when he got to his underpants was shy to take them off. Shawn new he
shy about it and just said, "its ok Mark you will see both of us naked
"Mark pulled his underpants off and went into the shower. Mark thought
to the night when he saw them jack off together and wondered if they
him to join this time. With that thought in mind, he got a boner and got
of the shower. He went back to the living room to show his boner off.
was already naked and once he saw Mark with a boner, he went into the
Mark asked Shawn, "are we going to jack off together tonight?" He told
about watching them do it that last time.
Shawn said, "we thought maybe you would like to join us and that is
we are all taking a shower and coming out with a boner. If yours starts
go soft just jack it a little."
Tim came out of the shower with a boner and sat down on the floor.
Without saying a word Shawn started jacking Tim and Mark at the same
Tim reached over and started jacking Shawn. They jacked for only a few
minutes when they were all ready to cum. Shawn was first to cum, Tim was

next and finally Mark came. A couple of minutes later Shawn picked up a
towel and cleaned up both himself and Tim.
All three boys went to bed and slept very soundly. The next morning
they got up all three of them had boners, but quickly put on their
and went to the kitchen for breakfast. After breakfast they talked about

their next camping trip and agreed that all three of them would go this
Shawn asked his Mom if she would drive them out into the country and she
yes. Tim went home and asked his Mother if he could go and she said that

would be nice. He packed his camping equipment and got some money from
Mom for food and went to the store. After he got home he took all of his

things over to Shawn and Mark's house. Shawn and Mark were already
and ready to go. They would all spend the night at Shawn's house and
leave early in the morning for their secret camping place. They were all

excited about going camping together. They did not have any sex that
since Shawn and Mark's Mother stayed home. They were disappointed that
stayed home, but knew they would get it on together at the camp.
The next morning they loaded their equipment and food and Shawn's
took them to where they would hike in to the camp. It took them three
to get all the stuff at the camp. After setting up the extra large tent,

they all stripped their clothes off and jumped into the lake. After a
swim, they all went into the tent and took a nap. When they were all
Mark said he was going for a hike. He slipped out of the tent and got
dressed and started on his hike. Shawn and Tim stayed in the tent.
only a few minutes the two boys began talking about sex and Shawn
what it felt like to get sucked. Tim suggested that they suck each
dicks and see what it did feel like. First Shawn slipped Tim's boner
his mouth and sucked until Tim shot a big load of sperm into his mouth.
Then Tim did the same for Shawn. They both enjoyed the blowjobs very
and agreed that they would have to do it with Mark later.
Shawn and Tim dressed and headed out for a hike of their own. After
a few minutes they saw Mark walking along the trail. They quickly caught
with Mark. Mark told them that while hiking he had seen two girls about
thirteen walking along the trail. He had stopped and talked to them and
said that they were camped on the other side of the lake. He had invited

them over to their camp and told them who he was camped with. The girls
agreed to stop by the boys camp later in the day. Shawn and Tim got
excited about having two girls come by their camp and wondered if their
get the girls to go skinny dipping with them. They all agreed to try and
that action going. After a little more hiking, the boys returned to
camp. It was not long after their return that the girls showed up at
The five of them sat and talked about many things for a long time.
Finally, Shawn said, "we could go swimming together, but us guys did not
bring any swimming suits. We go skinny dipping when we swim."
No one else said anything for a few quiet minutes. The girls names
Cindy and Tammy. Tammy was the first to break the silence, "I wouldn't
going skinny dipping with you guys. I have two brothers and have seen
naked before."
Cindy replied, "yeah the same is true for me also."
Without anything more being said, the five of them all began taking
clothes off. In just about two minutes, they all stood together naked.
boys were nervous about being naked and didn't have boners yet. They all

ran into the water and began splashing and enjoying being in the water.
After about a half hour in the water they stopped their playing and stood

together talking. The boys found out that the girls both had brothers of
same age, one fourteen and one twelve. The girls had both seen their
brothers naked and with a boner. Shawn was the first to admit that he
had a boner. Tim and Mark both said they had one also. The girls almost

together suggested that they all get out of the water and lay down on
on the lake shore. The boys were all a little embarassed when they
out of the water with their young boners pointing straight up in the air.

After they sat down on the

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