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Torture, incest, degradation, underage characters.

All stories on this web site are purely FICTIONAL. The people depicted within these stories only exist in someone's IMAGINATION. Any resemblence between anyone depicted in these stories and any real person, living or dead, is an incredible COINCIDENCE too bizarre to be believed. If you think that you or someone you know is depicted in one of these stories it's only because you're a twisted perverted little fucker who sees conspiracies and plots where none exist. You probably suspect that your own MOTHER had sex with ALIENS and COWS and stuff. Well, she didn't. It's all in your head. Now take your tranquilizers and RELAX.
torture, incest, degradation, underage characters. If these
things offend you, do not read.


by V.P. Viddler


Barbara was back for vacation, and it was fantastic to see
the fright in her eyes as she looked at me.
"Two weeks, sis," I said. "What a marvellous time you and I
will have, won't we?"
I saw Barbara gulp and my cock spasmed. God, I loved her
fright and nervousness about what I was going to do to her, and
what I was going to make her do.
The minute she had got home I had brought her to my room and
told her to strip naked.
"God," I said, "I hadn't seen that body in so long I had
almost forgotten how delicious you are, sis."
"Danny--" Barbara said. "Please don't--I mean--I--you know
I'll do what you want, Danny, and I'll be truly good to you, so
please--you dont--you won't--"
"Now, sis," I said. "You know your worrying makes it all the
better for me."
"Danny--don't hurt me."
"You know, Barb, your legs are really terrific," I said. "I
love to look at them. I don't want you to cover them up while
you're here. Okay? I want those gams on view all the time. So
all the while you're back I want you to wear only shorts. Or
very, very short miniskirts. And no stockings. I want bare legs,
bare thighs, at all times. You got it?"
"Y-yes, Danny," Barbara said.
"Good. And of course, no bra. Let your tits bounce around,
it's good for my cock. And no panties, as you know. So your
pussy is always available when I want it. Right?"
"Y-Yes, Danny."
"And your wonderful mouth, too," I said. "Come here and kiss
me, sis. Kiss me good."
And Barbara brought her bare body over and lay it against me
and kissed me hard, using her tongue and lips and body. I pulled
at her hair as she kissed me, just to hurt her a little and make
her luscious lips twist on mine and her body squirm against me.
"Shit," I said then. "Look at those tits. God, I want to
hurt them!"
"Danny, no! Please no, oh please, Danny, don't--"
"I'll just pinch your nipples a little, sis," I said, and I
took those pink nips in my fingers and began playing tunes on
them. Playing tunes on Barbara, because the noises and whimpers
and squeals and cries and babblings I got out of her by manipulating
her nipples with my fingers was stimulating music in my ears.
I took her to the bed and lay her down across it and told her
to spread for me, and Barbara opened her legs as she moaned with
the pain in her nipples, thrashing her head about frantically. I
still clamped her tits as I slid my hard cock into her warm and
writhing cunt.
"Now," I said, fucking my sister slowly. "Now, Barb, I want
you to tell me all about how you went to bed with all those
professors up at school, just as I told you to. Tell me all about
it in great detail. And don't forget to move your hips as you do.
Okay, sis?" And I squeezed particularly hard at her agonized
Barbara, between sobs and gasps and groans, told me all about
her enforced sex life up at college, and also obediently moved her
body in rhythm with my thrusts. I fucked my sister a long time,
listening to her sobbing tale.
"You talk too much, sis," I said finally, and pulled out of
her and crawled on top of her. "Gag yourself with this," I said,
and poked my cock at her mouth. Barbara opened up like a good
frightened girl and I jammed my prick all the way in, making her
choke. She sucked me off and at the last moment I pulled back and
shot all over her face, all over her eyes and hair and mouth and
nose and chin and everything.
"Barb," I said. "You got me to climax and now I'm all limp.
How can I get hard again so I can fuck you some more, unless I
turn myself on by burning your tits and--"
"No! God, Danny, no!" Barbara yelled. "Look, I-I'll do
anything you want, Danny, I-I'll suck you again, I'll suck you
until you get hard. Okay? Please, Danny, I-I can't take it if
you--oh, god, Danny, I-I'll suck you, I'll fuck you, I-I'l--piss
on me, tie me up, anything, but for god's sake--"
"Okay," I said. "I'll tell you what, sis. Here's my
cigarette pack--"
"Hold it!" I said. "Now, Barb, if you don't want me to burn
you, okay--but."
"B-but what?"
"But I want to watch you in pain, sis. I want you to make
lovely music for me with your screams and howls. I want to watch
that body jerking in agony, writhing and squirming and flailing
with it."
"Danny, for god's sake!"
"You do it, sis," I said. "You burn your tits yourself."
Barbara stared at me wildly. "What!"
"And right now," I said. "Or by god I'll do it to you all
night long. Now!"
Barbara was shaking. Involuntary moans came from her mouth
as she shook a cigarette out of the pack. Her hands shook so
badly she could hardly hold it.
"I'll light it for you," I said, and I did.
Barbara swallowed hard. "I--I-I can't," she whimpered.
"Okay," I said. "Give it to me."
"No! Oh god, ohhh--"
Barbara tried. She brought the glowing cigarette close to
her trembling breast, but she couldn't put it against her skin.
"Give it to me," I said.
"Give it to me, Barbara. Now."
Barbara was sobbing with terror as she handed me the
"Barb," I said. "I'm going to love doing this. Hands over
your head."
"Do it, whore!"
Barbara stretched her arms above her head, tautening the
quivering tits. I smiled.
"No, no," she babbled. "I can't, don't, no, please no, I oh
Jesus god no--"
And I moved the hot cylinder toward her as slowly as I could,
dragging out her horrible anticipation and my unalloyed pleasure.
And then I kissed her nipple with it and almost came again as I
absorbed the sight of the straining body and the wonderful sounds
I lived for.
Dannydodododohohohohohahahhaahh. NNUNUNUNAU UNH. UNH. UNH.
AAIEEENONONOMORENOMORE ohjesusgod Danny ohjesus god please oh my
AAAIIIIEEEEEEEEEEE! Ah ah ah ah ah unh unh unh unnh I-I-I-I-I-
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