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Poppy Seed Tea - A Cheap, Effective Morphine High

by sinewriter - aka remix0ne

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"Warning Opiates ARE addictive and abusing them CAN lead to addiction. Opiates are also DANGEROUS if taken in large quantities. These are NOT instructions on how to get high, it is simply a cheap way to get pain relief if you can't afford to see a doctor. Try at your own risk."

Ok here's a really simple way to get yourself some pain relief, or just to get nice and mellow :)

Poppy Seed Tea (serves 1)

Items needed:

A 1 or 2 litre bottle with lid. A teatowel, or a coffee filter, or a scrap of CLEAN material. A rubberband or some string. A large jar. Pasta sauce jars are good. A funnel. Just make one out of rolled up paper if you don't own one. Water, and or fruitjuice. (I find pineapple juice masks the taste well enough) And last but not least some poppy seeds.

Go down to the supermarket and buy a bag of normal black poppy seeds that you use in cooking. They should be located in the spices section. They sometimes come in jars or tins. You need to buy about 300g of seeds if you are making this for one person. Now you won't need an excuse for buying the seeds, they are perfectly legal. You may however encounter odd looks if you buy a kilo of seeds, if you want to buy a large ammount it's probably better to goto a wholesale market or go to a few shops to buy up big.

Ok, grab your funnel and stick it into the top of your clean bottle. Pour your seeds into the bottle carefully. I stress carefully as they get EVERYWHERE and are a bitch to clean up :) Now that the seeds are in the bottle pour about 350mls of warm tap water into the bottle. Or you could use juice. I use warm water as it washes the goodies off the seeds better. Now screw the cap back onto the bottle tightly and give it a shake for about 5 minutes. After shaking well, let the bottle sit for about 10 or 15 minutes. After letting it sit, shake again for about 5 minutes. Repeat this for about an hour, the longer the stronger ;) By this stage the seeds will look like a clumpy mess. If you feel the need to add more liquid do so, but remember that it tastes like crap and the more liquid, the more you have to drink. Now what I do is take the lid off and tie a piece of cloth around the bottle opening. Make sure it is secure and wont slip off. Last time I used a clean sock and it worked fine. Once the cloth is secured place the bottle upside down into the top of your jar. Hopefully the bottle will balance well in the top, if not just lean it against a wall or something. Now let it filter through the cloth. This will take a while so give the bottle a good squeeze every now and then to help it along. When you have gotten the most liquid out of the bottle that way remove the bottle from the jar. You'll be left with this disgusting slurry. That's the tea. Now there's liquid left in the seeds. To get it out you have to pour the seeds into a piece of cloth, or in my case a sock. Squeeze like there's no tomorrow either over the jar, or over a bowl and it will get the rest of the tea out. Once you have done this mix the tea with some juice and slam it down. Just remember it does taste like shit, I find drinking it with super cold juice makes it easy to throw down. I had some with orange juice last night and it tasted a little earthy but masked the flavour rather well. I also find pineapple juice to be an awesome way to mask it.

Now drink and enjoy the 'pain relief' or getting pinned!

Question and Answer time kiddies!

Q: How does this work?

A: The poppy seeds used in cooking (think bagels) are Papaver Somniferum (opium poppy) seeds. The same seeds can be used to grow poppies to produce opium, morphine, and even heroin if you wish to goto jail for many years.

Q: Don't they treat the seeds to make them drug free?

A: The only thing they do to the seeds is wash them. This washes some of the opiate away from it but they can't wash it all off. They also sterilize the seeds so they won't grow. But if you do want to grow some of the poppies yourself just scatter about 100g of seed. Not all become sterile from the process.

Q: What is in the seeds to give this effect?

A: The main active alkaloid is morphine. But there are a whole host of other alkaloids in the mix too. Codiene, noscapine, papaverine, and thebaine.

Q: Are there any risks involved with drinking poppy seed 'tea'?

A: As with any opiate there are risks. These include nausea, addiciton, risk of overdose, and death. Common sense is needed when doing this. Don't attempt to use this if you are allergic to opiates of ANY type. And don't drive machinery of any kind either.

Q: Will this feel like pure morphine?

A: Not completely the same, due to the other alkaloids being present. I live in Australia and we grow and export poppy based drugs commercially to drug companies around ther world. To hinder people from raiding the poppy fields at night the companies that farm poppies have developed a strain that is high in alkaloids that cause sickness and not so pleasant side effects. The majority of the seed available in Australia comes from these strains so some unpleasant side effects will be noticeable with high doses.

Q: Which brand of seeds is the best to buy or the strongest?

A: Brands mean nothing really. The strength is dependant on the actual plant itself. So one week Farmer Joe Brand seeds may be really potent, but the next week they will be much weaker. You can't really tell. But a trick is to buy a brand that has alot of stem/stalk, and random bits of pod in it.

Be safe and have fun! Remember to go easy if you are not experienced in opiate use, drink half, wait for an hour or so, then drink the other half. People have died from this.

sinewriter aka remix0ne

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